ChaNge the WoRLd

ChaNge the WoRLd was MiChi’s 2nd single. It was released on February 28, 2009 and reached no. 19 on the Oricon Charts with 6,998 copies sold. The title track was used as the opening theme song for the drama Kiina.

ChaNge the WoRLd - MiChi

1. ChaNge the WoRLd
2. One Of A Kind
3. PROMiSE (Smart Sports ver.)
3. HEy GirL (XB remix)

It’s been a while but MiChi is back and she doesn’t fail to impress with ChaNge the WoRLd. This effervescent little number is a mixture of synth pop and rock, making it pretty infectious. The electric guitar is just amazing, but then again so is the percussion, I’d still have to say that I love all the electronic elements the best. As usual the chorus is the most infectious and memorable part of the song, and it still features a boatload of English, that’s English with an L. But I guess it helps when you’re bilingual. The melody is by far one of the catchiest things I’ve heard in a while, truly exciting and energetic. MiChi’s vocals were refreshing even with the slight distortions, although not nearly as heavy as before. I have to admit that I loved the English during the last part of the song, maybe even more than the chorus.

I’ve honestly never been a fan of MiChi’s B-Sides and I really don’t seem to enjoy One Of A Kind all that much. MiChi seems to abandon her synth pop genre and ventures into the synth rock genre. There’s still a little pop flavor to the song, but it’s not as enjoyable. The electric guitar sounded pretty boring too sadly. The distorted vocals were a bit too much, and not even the English saved it. The melody wasn’t all that catchy either unfortunately. This song is somewhat of a letdown.

We now have the Smart Sports ver. of PROMiSE. I LOVED her debut single, mostly because of PROMiSE. It’s energetic, and so so amazing. The original was a heavily synth influenced song, but this version takes that away. Instead of being synth pop, it’s more acoustic and guitar based. That’s not necessarily bad, but honestly it’s not all that good either. Sure there are less distortions and you can hear more of her vocals, but it removes a lot of the fun, and sadly the song has become more repetitive.

The XB remix of HEy GirL also appears on this single. I wasn’t a big fan of the original version, and I’m not a fan of this remix. It’s made the song more dance friendly, but it’s added some annoying beats and ad-libbing. Her English is great as always but the song is still a little too boring for me. She’s made a worthy attempt to make the song more enjoyable which is good. At least is got better towards the end though.

Overall Review: ChaNge the WoRLd was synth pop perfection! MiChi is truly an amazing artist when it comes to the dance / synth pop genre. It’s obvious that her English is good, so that helps with the infectiousness. The title track was really good, a worthy follow up to PROMiSE, although honestly I don’t think it’s as good. It has the potential, but it’s ultimately lacking that impressive WOW factor. The B-Side isn’t all that exciting for the most part. The remixes were a little disappointing, but the songs overall sound good, just not mind blowing or explosive. A worthy follow up that falls short sadly.

Final Grade: 88B


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