MATERIAL WORLD was Sowelu’s 19th single. It was released on February 25, 2009. This is Sowelu’s first venture into the electronic genre, and it was produced by Taku Takahashi of m-flo. The B-Side is a cover song of the song made famous by Cyndi Lauper, and was featured on a tribute album.


2. Time After Time
4. MATERIAL WORLD -Instrumental-

I guess I’ve been moderately interested in Sowelu but I haven’t reviewed any songs from her until now. Anyway I have to admit that MATERIAL WORLD is rather infectious. As far as I know it’s her first venture into the electronic & vocoder genre, and honestly it reminds me a little of Ami Suzuki. It’s obvious that there’s a vocoder in the song, along with various heavy electronic / techno beats, along with some great yet dark and edgy electronic music. And while I have to admit that when I was listening to the chorus I was waiting for something a little better, it was like it was the climax, it just kept building up, but didn’t get any better. That being said I still think it’s pretty catchy for the most part. However the bridge, where her vocals weren’t distorted, was just amazing. There were no distortions, just the sounds of the piano and a few soft electronic elements. I’m still debating just how good this song is, but it’s consistent that’s for sure.

The main reason why I wanted to get this single is because of Time After Time. Most people will recognize this as Cyndi Lauper’s song, and it is. It was actually featured on We Love Cyndi -Tribute to Cyndi Lauper-. I already had the song as I had the album, but it’s nice to hear it on this single. Unlike the original version, which was a ballad, this cover is more dance / pop oriented. There’s the sound of a clock ticking which sounds amazing, and then there are the various synth beats. Her vocals were the same for the most part, which made it difficult to enjoy fully, but it’s still a great cover, even with the background vocals.

Rock fans might enjoy the WTF EDIT of MATERIAL WORLD more than the original. Truthfully it’s taken a lot of the fun out of the song. The dance beats have been replaced by the guitar riffs. It’s edgier but the song has lost some of it’s fun and energy. I still think the original is better.

Overall Review: MATERIAL WORLD was electronic edginess! I’m not sure what her normal genre is but I have to admit that this might be her new genre from now, it suites her quite well. I have to admit though that it could be a little better. It’s still lacking that infectious factor that I look for in songs, but it’s certainly memorable to say the least. I just felt like I was waiting for it to get better, but it could be worse. The B-Side rocked, it’s to die for, and the fact that it’s in English makes it even better. The remix was mediocre at best, and that’s all I’ll say. Overall a worthy venture into a new genre, although I still think Ami was the best.

Final Grade: 95A



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