Eien / UNIVERSE / Believe in LOVE

Eien / UNIVERSE / Believe in LOVE was BoA’s 27th single. It was released on February 18, 2009 and reached no. 8 on the Oricon Charts with 15,074 copies sold. This single was released in two editions, a limited first press CD Only edition and a CD+DVD edition. This is BoA’s final release prior to her second Japanese compilation album as well as her debut English album. The second title track is a collaboration with Crystal Kay and VERBAL of m-flo. While the third title track is an acoustic version of the song released by ravex.

Eien / UNIVERSE / Believe in LOVE - BoA

1. Eien
2. UNIVERSE feat. Crystal Kay & VERBAL (m-flo)
3. Believe in LOVE feat. BoA (Acoustic Version)
5. Eien (Instrumental)
6. UNIVERSE feat. Crystal Kay & VERBAL (m-flo) (Instrumental)

After nearly a year of no official Japanese releases, BoA makes a strong reentry with Eien lit. Eternity. Needless to say, she’s back with a bang in more than one way. Her debut English album is set to be released along with her second best album. Anyway, Eien is really a truly amazing song. It’s a smooth American-sounding R&B sensation that’s filled with various synth beats, similar to BENI’s STAY. It’s up-beat and rather happy sounding, which makes is more enjoyable. And with all the synth elements running rampant it’s actually a nice change of venue. The instruments were great, the piano and occasional strings and naturally the percussion. This time her English is much better, a signal that hopefully her debut will be as good. The one thing this song has going for it is that it’s insanely catchy. I mean the melody is off the charts, this level of infectiousness hasn’t been heard since Kuu’s TABOO. And because it’s so amazing, the background vocals didn’t annoy me too much.

Well truly UNIVERSE has got to be BoA’s highest profile collaboration since Kuu back in 2001. It features R&B sensation Crystal Kay and m-flo’s own VERBAL. That being said it’s one of the funkiest songs out there. It’s even hard to describe the music, the only thing that comes to mind is a fusion of R&B and funk. The percussion is strong, but they’re mostly just beats. There are some occasional synth elements, the arrangement isn’t all that bad. I still haven’t gotten used to hearing VERBAL rap or sing for that matter so I’m not to thrilled to hear him in this song, but he does his part. Crystal on the other hand is a wonderful artist and her vocals are incredible. BoA did pretty good too, holding her own and proving that she’s the main artist. Surprisingly enough this song is actually pretty catchy once you get used to all of it.

The third A-Side is the Acoustic Version of ravex’s Believe in LOVE feat. BoA. I’m a little surprised to hear that this song is going to be the last A-Side, but then again she’s with AVEX. The original version was featured on ravex’s second single, which I hope to review, and for those that don’t know, ravex is a collaboration between Japanese DJs and producers Shinichi Osawa (MONDO GROSSO), Tomoyuki Tanaka (Fantastic Plastic Machine), and ☆Taku Takahashi (m-flo). I actually enjoyed the original version with all the strange yet unique soft-electronic beats and music, but this acoustic version to put it bluntly sucks. The acoustic guitar and piano are the main instruments but they really don’t compare to the original. I still think BoA has some nice vocals, but honestly they don’t sound all that amazing with all acoustics. A worthy try, but it pails in comparison to the original.

Things get a little more interesting with BEST HIT MEGA BLEND. And it’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a remix of some of her best hits, or simply singles, but it’s a mixture of all of them. The first song is Sweet Impact followed by Dakishimeru, featuring more jazz influences. Meri Kuri follows next I’m hoping, then her brand new song Eien. LOVE LETTER makes an appearance shortly afterwards then with a faster version of Nanairo no Ashita ~brand new beat~. And the last song is the no. 1 hit DO THE MOTION, and then the song ends with the English line from Eien.

Overall Review: Eien / UNIVERSE / Believe in LOVE was chaotic excellence! This single is rather unconventional with all the genres present, yet it works somehow. R&B is great, especially the American-sounding type, but when it’s bundled with a funky mid-tempo dance song and an acoustic song, it’s a little overwhelming. It’s pretty evident that I enjoyed Eien a lot, mostly because it’s similarity to modern American R&B. UNIVERSE is funky yet still wonderful for the most part, VERBAL did ruin it for me a bit, but overall it’s still great. Sadly I really can’t stand the acoustic version of Believe in LOVE, there’s just no wow factor without all the synth / urban music. The BEST HIT MEGA BLEND was a superb remix that’s actually really good. Sure if it focused on one song it’d be better, but it incorporated some of her best songs. A worthy final single before BEST & USA.

Final Grade: 94A-


6 Responses to “Eien / UNIVERSE / Believe in LOVE”
  1. noahfurlani says:

    love the review and all, but…


  2. Die says:


    i wanted to do one with namie since the promo shots were released

  3. amaiyume says:

    I love UNIVERSE!!! It is soooo catchy!
    I agree with your overall review although I enjoyed VERBAL 🙂

  4. Lex says:

    Great review! I just wanted to give you little correction though. BoA and Crystal Kay aren’t label mates (CK is with Sony while BoA is with avex).

  5. Die says:

    wow i thought she was with avex lol, thanks for the correction

  6. Arrivejeoborm says:

    . . .

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