Irodori no Nai Sekai

Irodori no Nai Sekai was Yousei Teikoku’s 3rd mini-album. It was released on January 28, 2009. The title track was used as the ending song for the anime Kurokami: The Animation.

Irodori no Nai Sekai - Yousei Teikoku

1. Irodori no Nai Sekai
2. Destrudo
3. Valtica
4. Tooi Maboroshi
5. Alte Burg
6. Irodori no Nai Sekai (Instrumental)

It’s been a while since their last single but Yousei Teikoku has come back strong with Irodori no Nai Sekai lit. A World Without Colors. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this song, but it’s far different from what I thought it could be. Instead of being dark and ominous, this song instead is very serene and calming. It’s devoid of the heavy rock influences that made them so famous. The sound is more refined and classical, as it still features an elegant strings arrangement. The melody might not be all that catchy but nonetheless the music is exquisite. And I have to hand it to Yousei Yui for her vocals, which are refreshing and crisp as always, and somehow more beautiful than ever.

Things get back to the basics with Destrudo. Immediately upon listening to this song it’s easy to see, or hear in this case, that it’s going to be pretty dark. The music features that aggressive electric guitar along with the percussion, and yet the strings are still present. This time though the melody is a little catchier. The music’s still not as dark or as fast as I’d like it, but I have to admit that this is a fairly-good song.

Electronic arrangements are primarily the most notable thing about Valtica. It’s still rock oriented like her previous song, but at the same time it’s better. The vocals are more scary like, think Hades: the bloody rage, and yet more intriguing. The rock elements are a bit stronger too, especially with the electric guitar riffs and the percussion and electronic elements, giving it some well needed variety. The background vocals are just ominous ahh’s but it’s pretty good, adds to the mood. Things have also speed up a little more, making it more enjoyable.

Oddly enough after all those rock tracks we get to Tooi Maboroshi lit. Distant Ghost, which is like the title track. It’s less rock sounding than msot of the songs on the mini-album, which is very good in a way. This song is calmer, more peaceful, and easier on the ears for sure. That ominous “ahh” is still in the background, but it’s very fitting so it’s not too bad, it actually adds to the ethereal and calm mood. The music is somewhat mid-tempo, so it goes pretty well with the percussion and the minor electronic elements. I loved the bridge which was rather enjoyable, especially with the instrumentals. And the last 50 seconds of the song were awesome as things sped up.

And yet after a calming almost angelic song, we’re back to the fast, dark, and aggressive ones with Alte Burg lit. Old Castle. And things really get off to an extremely fast start with all the strings, electric guitar, and percussion. And honestly only Yousei Teikoku could ever get the strings to sound so eerie and almost scary, okay Kanon Wakeshima could do it but you get the picture. All of it sounds so aggressive and rushed, but I love it. The raging strings, fierce electric guitar, and aggressive percussion make for one amazing combination. The melody is catchy and all I can say is that this is one blazing song that’s incredible.

Overall Review: Irodori no Nai Sekai was classical elegance! This mini-album is absolutely amazing. It’s classical with all the strings, and then rock with the guitar riffs, a flawless combination. But besides featuring hardcore aggressive songs it featured some softer, more refined songs. As always Yousei Yui’s vocals were fantastic, especially with her cutsey vocals. Some of it seems repetitive but it’s still fantastic. Such a beautiful mini-album, perfect for any anime.

Final Grade: 94A



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