Come Back To Me

Come Back To Me was Utada’s 1st single from her second English album This Is The One. The song began receiving radio play on February 9, 2009 in the United States and late January in Japan. The music video was shot on January 28 and 29 and supposedly features fashion from the 1920.

Come Back To Me - Utada

1. Come Back To Me (Radio Edit)
2. Come Back To Me (Tony Moran Radio Edit)
3. Come Back To Me (Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel Radio Edit)
4. Come Back To Me (Quentin Harris Radio Edit)
5. Come Back To Me (Mike Rizzo Radio Edit)
*This there is no official set tracklist for this single as the remixes are promotional.

I’m not exactly sure but I guess we got the Radio Edit of Come Back To Me. There’s no set differences from the album version yet but we’ll see once her album hits stores. At first I wasn’t really all too blown away by this song. It sounded nice and the melody was great, but it wasn’t as mind blowing as her previous songs. The barrage of piano keys was quite a unique opening and a little unexpected at the same time, and a little confusing. Afterwards things became more R&B oriented with the beats and the piano chords continuing. The vocals are good, but I really wasn’t shocked or stunned until I heard the chorus, where there was a little more emotion and power. The lyrics are bittersweet, just give them a listen. The bridge was one of the most exciting parts because it was more fast paced and a little more variety. The last part of the song was great because of the electric guitar and the ad-libbing in the background, which is something different from Hikki really.

The longest remix happens to be the Tony Moran Radio Edit. It’s a unique dance remix filled with various techno beats and electronic distortions and music, a perfect club song really. The only problem is that the music overwhelms and drowns out the vocals.

Hikki had stated on her site that the Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel Radio Edit was one of her favorites. And I really have to agree with her. The music isn’t as heavily dance oriented, it’s more of a light club / synth, the synthesizer is used extensively. There are some techno elements though, and for some reason I can’t help but remember the Scumfrog Edit of Devil Inside when I hear this song.

Getting more club and techno oriented is the Quentin Harris Radio Edit. Honestly, it’s very similar to the previous remixes, it’s just there’s no real music, just beats, cowbell, and some some synth / techno elements; it seems like there’s hardly any real instrumentals, there are some but it’s not all that powerful. It’s mediocre at best.

The fastest remix by far is the Mike Rizzo Radio Edit. Besides featuring some obnoxiously loud beats, the music has been sped up along with the vocals. And although I really hat how it’s speed up, I do love the instrumentals, they’re still techno & dance oriented. It does stand out from all the remixes which is a good thing.

Overall Review: Come Back To Me was honestly somewhat of a letdown. I still love Hikki and her music, but this song wasn’t what I was expecting. It might just be a little too different for me. Don’t get me wrong I love her R&B music but this song wasn’t all that stunning and amazing. I love most of Hikki’s songs but I merely like this song. Compared to her other songs it’s just not as thrilling or as exciting. And I really tried to love this song, but I can’t. It’s a great release from Hikki, but it’s just not her most memorable. The remixes on were great for the most part, and it seems that the Haji and Quentin Radio Mixes will be featured on her album. Anyway to sum it all up, the song’s nice, but that’s it. Don’t hate me for saying it, i’m just the messenger.

Final Grade: 88B

5 Responses to “Come Back To Me”
  1. sushiseaweed says:

    hey, I was wondering where you found all the remixes to listen to?

  2. Die says:

    there are a few sites that stream them and other places where you can find them

  3. glass says:

    good review!

    its true come back to me is not a mind-blowing song.

    but it slowly grows into me and fits the mainstream mroe than her exodus ones.

    good thing its been played in radio stations, so it can grow into ppl!

    but now i found exodus extremely good, i love all the songs from the album, its so wicked and unique.

  4. Selryam says:

    Come Back To Me’s getting a PV? o_O;;

    I haven’t heard any of the remixes on here, but I actually love the a-side for some odd reason… I wouldn’t normally like it, but something about how Utada sounds against that horribly overdone arrangement actually makes it sound really catchy.

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