Heavenly Star / Breeze

Heavenly Star / Breeze was Genki Rockets’ debut single. It was released on July 4, 2007. The first title track was used in the Wii game No More Heroes.

Heavenly Star / Breeze - Genki Rockets

1. Heavenly Star
2. Breeze
3. Heavenly Star – Glorious Remix
4. Heavenly Star – Sunrise Remix
5. Heavenly Star – Count Down Remix
6. Heavenly Star – Space Walk Remix
7. Heavenly Star – Aurora Remix
8. Heavenly Star – Floating Remix
9. Heavenly Star – Instrumental

Well before I get too much into Heavenly Star I have to say right away that I have a lot to say about this song. The first thing that hooked me was the distorted vocals and smooth electronic sound, that and the up-beat lyrics which were in English. The vocals, which were distorted during the verses, were just amazing, the vocoder is just awesome, and the fact that the lyrics rhymed didn’t hurt either. The melody is insanely up-beat and infectious even though the song is pretty normal as far as speed goes. The lyrics were really refreshing as they were in English, which is always as plus as I can understand it without translations, and that they were so up-beat and optimistic. The chorus was extremely catchy and memorable, and the normal vocals were excellent, no vocoder at all.

Breeze utilizes some of the synth / electronic elements as the previous song, but it’s more vocoder friendly. The beats aren’t as energetic but the song itself is more peaceful and angelic in a sense. The vocals for the most part are more distorted, but there are some non-distorted parts. Anyway the song sounds really great as far as music goes, it flows very well and there’s even a hint of the acoustic guitar. Again the lyrics are all in English, so that makes it easier to understand, and again the lyrics are pretty sweet and romantic-like.

The Remixes

The Glorious Remix is basically just a dance remix, with vocals only in a few select spots.
Things get sped up a lot with the Sunrise Remix. It’s over a whopping 7 minutes. It’s more of a dance / trance song, that’s really good for hardcore fans, for me it’s mediocre and annoying.
The longest is the Count Down Remix which is over 9 minutes. Despite being so long it does feature some vocals which is one of the only things going for it. The music is lighter as far as beats go so it’s not all bad, just not too memorable.
The Space Walk Remix is a little funky when it comes to music. It’s another dance track and it just repeats the same lines over and over for the most part, it’s a little too repetitive for me.
One of the better remixes is the Aurora Remix. It features most of the vocals along with some classical touches like the strings and the piano. The mid-tempo beats are great, and the dance music is amazing.
The final remix is the Floating Remix. The opening is good, but after that the song goes downhill. There are hardly any vocals and from there it’s just beeps and the synth, which gets annoying after a while.

Overall Review: Heavenly Star / Breeze was refreshing synth / electronic debut. I can’t praise this single enough for the two title tracks. They’re so amazing and new, not really but you get the idea, and synth. The vocoder played a big part in both songs and just gave me a whole new appreciation for it. The music was pretty unified as far as sound as theme goes so that was nice. The remixes could have been better but it could have been worse. It’s still a stellar debut!

Final Grade: 94A-

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