MAKE UP was Kana Nishino’s 4th single. It was released on January 28, 2009. The title track and the original version was used in the cellphone anime Chocolate Underground.

MAKE UP - Kana Nishino

2. Kirari
3. Sherie

It’s been a few months since Kana’s last release but she’s returned with a stunning pop sensation entitled MAKE UP. This sweet pop song is pretty spectacular when it comes to the music. The music is a fusion of pop, synth, and the occasional guitar riffs. The melody is also pretty sweet, innocent enough and pretty catchy. The vocals were great as always and I loved the bridge because of the distorted vocals, which were so adorable. The best part is by far the chorus, which is as catchy as it is pop oriented. Such an an innocent and wonderful pop song.

Kirari is one of the more unique songs on the single. It’s softer and more ballad oriented than the previous song and it’s more mid-tempo. The strings were beautiful, a little too soft for me though. During the chorus things get more interesting with the percussion, but that’s about it. It’s rather lackluster when you get down to it.

One of my favorite songs is by far Sherie. It’s a fast paced synth song filled with various synth beats and pop music. The verses move pretty fast, but so does the whole song. Kana’s vocals were just a little rushed during the verses but they sounded astounding during the chorus. And the chorus was the fastest part of the song and even featured the strings, which sounds magnificent, giving the song an almost epic feel. There’s also quite a bit of English used in this song which makes it a little catchier. But overall this is one of her most infectious songs to date.

Well it turns out that MAKE UP was actually the remix of the song MAKE. This is the original version, which really sounds like the remix except for a few minor differences. The melody and the music is the same, so it all sounds good to me. For some reason though her vocals sound a little better here, there’s a little more power. The lyrics differ and that’s about it. But for some reason I like this song better, I just can’t seem to put my foot on the reason why.

Overall Review: MAKE UP was sugary synth pop perfection! The title track and the remix was so impressive and they sounded the same for the most part. The new synth elements really made the songs enjoyable as well as the stereotypical pop music with the occasional guitar riffs. The B-Sides were great for the most part, one was better than the other by far. Overall though I’m very pleased with this single, especially since they sounded so similar music wise.

Final Grade: 95A


2 Responses to “MAKE UP”
  1. amaiyume says:

    oh wow, I loved Kirari but thought Sherie was kinda boring. Hmm, I guess everyone has different tastes but I do agree with the overall grade 🙂

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