Rule PV

Hey everyone, sorry I haven’t done a review. First when I tried to go online, I found out my internet was going haywire, it’s fixed now though. But reviews will commence tomorrow with Kana Nishino’s MAKE UP.

But for now here’s some stuff on Rule. This song was announced back in December and the promo was released in January. It’s a pretty rock spirited song that’s filled with aggressive guitar riffs as well as aggressive vocals, distorted too. Since Rule is the theme song for Dragonball Evolution, the PV has a martial arts theme. Ayu’s basically in a dojo surrounded by ninjas more or less and basically controls them it looks like. Then when the vocals return to normal and the music slows down Ayu is in a glamorous dress. Other scenes include the ninjas doing fight stances and a few moves. The last scene is my favorite because Ayu looks amazing and she’s dancing with all the ninjas. And the only problem I had with Ayu was her black dominatrix outfit. Ayu looked great, but for some reason it looked like she was a little fat, which sounds mean, but that’s what it looked like, either that or she has no hips, point is it looked a little odd, still awesome though.



Credits: & LuvYa@jpopsuki + Uvie Baby



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