Koi wa groovy×2

Koi wa groovy×2 was Yuna Ito’s 12th single. It was released on November 26, 2008 and reached no. 44 on the Oricon Charts with 2,912 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 5,080+ copies, making it one of her lowest selling and charting singles.

Koi was groovy×2 - Yuna Ito

1. Koi wa groovy×2
2. Mafuyu no Seiza
3. miss you -Hawaiian Breeze Remix-
4. Koi wa groovy×2 (Instrumental)

A few years ago I listened to Yuna Ito and I really didn’t like her, her debut single didn’t seem all that great to me, but after listening to Koi wa groovy×2 lit. Love is Groovy Groovy I find myself loving her. The Caribbean music is just so catchy and up-beat and with all that ad-libbing it really made for one hell of a song. But what really made me love this song were Yuna’s vocals. I don’t think she’s actually sung using vocals that were this big and full; I mean she really has some power and volume behind her. The melody was just insane and so catchy. And I really can’t stress enough how I loved all the ad-libbing, those “NA NA NA NA” parts were amazing, despite being background vocals. Her English was perfect and it played a good role in the song, it certainly made it catchy and more interesting.

Yuna has been known for her songs that are more like Mafuyu no Seiza lit. Midwinter Constellation. It’s a mid-tempo song filled with the solemn sounds of the piano and various ballad elements. But with the beats the song has a little R&B edge, very light for the most part. Yuna’s vocals aren’t nearly as strong but there’s less of a stain and more of a natural feel, like she’s not forcing herself. The music as a whole was very relaxing and southing, and very soft, but it really worked for this song. And the song had a very love-like / winter atmosphere, very peaceful. I did love how she incorporated some English in this song, it gave the song a little more variety. This is one of the best B-Sides I’ve heard in a while, and highest quality ones as well.

The -Hawaiian Breeze Remix- of her previous single miss you also appears on this single. The original version sounded beautiful and a little similar to the previous song, but this remix doesn’t do it justice. It’s been extended to almost eight minutes and it’s really drags the song out. The island beats are what you get the most and they’re soft at that. They really serve no purpose in this song, it’s a real downer for the most part. If only there were a little more vocals.

Overall Review: Koi wa groovy×2 was Caribbean winter bliss! While I love the title track, I’m a bit confused as to why she waited until now to release it. I mean the song sounds so island and summery yet she releases it in the fall, although the cover does look very winter like and the B-Side’s name involves winter. However despite all of those things I love this single. I mean an up-beat, energetic title track and a flawless B-Side, what more could you want? The remix could have been better, or just removed from the single altogether, but overall it was a stunning single.

Final Grade: 96A


4 Responses to “Koi wa groovy×2”
  1. Lizzie says:

    I absolutely love Yuna Ito. Many people prefer her ballads and softer songs but her upbeat songs are what get my attention.

  2. kikuri says:

    I love YUNA ITO! Love her sweet, sweet vocal!

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