YOU was YURIA’s 2nd single. It was released on August 3, 2005. It was used as the opening to the harem anime Shuffle!


1. YOU
2. colorful
3. YOU (off vocal)
4. colorful (off vocal)

Honestly I had no intention of reviewing this single, but since I don’t feel like reviewing anything after that album and the mega review, I though that YOU would be pretty nice. What really turned me onto this song was the extremely catchy melody, awesome vocals, and because I’ve seen an episode or two of the anime. Yuria’s vocals for the most part are sweet and innocent, similar to Ai’s vocals. And despite featuring the electric guitar, and percussion, I’d still have to say that this is more of a pop song. It just has that pop feel. Anyway, the electric guitar riffs were catchy and pretty sweet, the percussion intense, and the piano during the beginning and bridge was just inspiring. As I said before, the melody is extremely catchy, and those vocals make it better. Such an amazing opening, a bit generic yet still amazing.

colorful is more of a fusion of pop and rock with the rock elements and occasional synth. The vocals are good, but not nearly as sweet or as innocent. This song is a bit more up-beat than the previous song and a bit more fast paced. However it’s not all that catchy, pretty mediocre in my opinion.

Overall Review: YOU was sweet pop rock! I might not listen to many of YURIA’s other works but I’m very pleased with YOU. It’s got the right amount of pop and rock, a fantastic combination in my opinion. The melody is energetic and amazing, not to mention catchy. It’s got all the factors that make you go “WOW.” I recommend it for any pop rock / light rock fan that likes innocent vocals, and perhaps even generic music. The b-side could have been better but what are you going to do. Overall it’s a generic, yet sweet single.

Final Grade: 94A-


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