I’m pretty sure that most of you now know from the title of this post that I’m going on a break. I really wish I didn’t have to go on a break but I really can’t help this one. Not only are my finals tomorrow, but after that I travel so no computes. And I’ll be away for about 4 days so that means no new reviews. But on the bright side, when I return I will have at least two new reviews. The first will be Mika’s VOICE, and the second will be the mega review BEST ~Countdown~ 2008 GH, which will be amazing hopefully. And Kuu’s TRICK will be reviewed shortly too. If possible I will try to post a review on Monday 26, 2008, which as most people know is Chinese New Years! And it’s the year of the ox. Enjoy all of the reviews that I have done. And enjoy the Index and all the nice pictures. Oh, and the Countdown Poll is also located at the About section, so vote.

*Brought to you by GIRL NEXT DOOR


One Response to “NEXT DOOR”
  1. glass says:

    haha enjoy~

    and goto maki’s new single, are u going to review it? its sooo good~her voice is so similar to ayu, and kuu’s sexy feeling -O-

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