China Discotica

China Discotica was Aira Mitsuki’s 1st major single, but 2nd overall. It was released on March 5, 2008. The title track is in respect song to the Beijing Olympics. This is also the second single in the COPY Era.

China Discotica - Aira Mitsuki

1. China Discotica
3. China Discotica (Substance remix)
4. China Discotica (digital mp-3 mastering ver.)
5. China Discotica (instrumental)

I’ve been meaning to review China Discotica for quite some time now. As usual with Aira, it’s heavily techno / electronica oriented, and I mean it. There are some great distorted vocals that sound pretty sweet. The melody is insane and extremely infectious! All the electronic distortions and beats are pretty awesome too. The song as a whole is just so fun and energetic. The beginning was a little odd with the distorted high pitched vocals, but it did get better. It did get annoying for just a little bit but it’s still pretty cool. I recommend this to any techno fan.

ROMANTIC ROPE is a little different from the title track, yet just a nice. The melody is completely different and features some nice mellow beats. But overall it’s a little laid-back. The vocals are still distorted but enjoyable nonetheless. However I still don’t think it’s nearly as infectious as the title track, still a worthy b-side though.

The Substance remix of China Discotica is a shortened version. There appears to be some more distortions and more synth influenced but it’s great still. It’s not as catchy as the original, probably because it cuts out a lot of the good parts.

Overall Review: China Discotica was electronica paradise! I have to hand to to Aira for making such an awesome single, that’s equally cute. I loved all of the beats and the electronica music, as well as the distortions. It was a pretty catchy single, the only problem is going to be the repetitive factor, which might arise soon. But for now it’s an amazing single.

Final Grade: 93B+



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