Fly Away -PV RIP-

I’m sure that everyone has been waiting for Maki Goto’s brand new song. It’s to be released via cellphone on 1/21 and other formats I believe on 1/28. Anyway it’s SWEET BLACK feat. Maki Goto. And here’s a quote from Kaito@jpopmusicforums “SWEET BLACK is a project aimed at women in their 20s, sponsored by mixi. The name SWEET BLACK is like supposed to represent how women can be SWEET, being active and positive, and BLACK, being cynical and negative, and how this co-exists in the ~*women of today*~.” This person has also provided the PV Rip of this song so enjoy!

Fly Away

*Btw expect a full fledged review very soon. I think it’s different from her past works, but that PV is incredible and so is this song.



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