Alright! was Ami Suzuki’s 21st single. It was released on May 17, 2006 and reached no. 17 on the Oricon Charts with 9,937 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 16,200+ copies. The title track was used in the Japanese TV show Itadaki Muscle! as well as the “Power Play” track of TV show Ongaku Senshi MUSIC FIGHTER for May. This was the third single in the CONNETTA Era.

Alright! - Ami Suzuki

1. Alright!
2. Hare Moyou.
3. Alright! (Instrumental)
4. Hare Moyou. (Instrumental)

For some reason I’ve decided to review Ami’s Alright! I guess I’ve always liked this song so I figured it’d be good to review. It’s pretty up-beat and dance oriented, perfect for her really. It follows a little in the footsteps of her AROUND THE WORLD album, but it’s softer and lighter when it comes to the dance music. Anyway, this song features some great dance music with some rather great synth beats; it really makes for the perfect chorus, which sounds great and is pretty infectious. However, everywhere else, the music is soft and sweet, featuring a twinkling sound. Ami displayed some amazing vocals in this song, they were a little deeper than usual, but they were still amazing. And I have to say that her English wasn’t all that bad. This is the perfect summer song!

Contrasting to the title track is Hare Moyou. Instead of being up-beat and pretty fast paced, it’s more mid-tempo and more mellow. It’s laid-back and features the percussion and occasional brass, giving it a small jazz feeling. Here Ami’s vocals were softer, not all too powerful and up-beat, but still nice overall. This song isn’t anything special, it’s mediocre at best.

Overall Review: Alright was summer dance perfection! It might be one of Ami’s older songs, but it’s still one of her best. It’s up-beat and it’s a energetic dance tune that’s perfect for partying in the sun. It’s not too obnoxious and annoying either. I wish that the b-side would have been better, but as long as the title track is good, it’s okay. Another amazing single int he CONNETTA Era.

Final Grade: 95A


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