1 Year Anniversary! & Poll

Exactly one year ago today, GoldHikari was started! This year has had its ups and downs, but I’m glad that I’ve survived and so has this site. It’s been a little hectic and the blog has gone through some changes. And this year the blog will hopefully get better, and the blog will go through some more changes. First of all, I will be added a review index, sorry Lex, this will make it easier to look for certain reviews, rather than just searching. I will also try to have a five star review system, that will come by the end of the month. I also plan to re-review some older material to make it up to par with all of the new reviews if possible.

And since this site was started one year ago, it has received 58,839 hits! The top post this year was HEART STATION with 997 views. The second most viewed post was Yura Yura with 519 views, mostly due to the recent airing of the ninth season of Naruto. And the third top post is BEST Countdown G with 510 views.

As promised the BEST ~Countdown~ H will commence on January 31st 2008 and it will be a super review of some of the hits and flops of 2008. There will be two halves to the review. The H section will include some reviews and comments about the second half of year’s music. The GH section will feature reviews and comments about the entire year of 2008. So I hope everyone will look forward to those reviews, and maybe I’ll even have a little surprise for everyone, we’ll see. Anyway, both sections will be similar to that of the BEST Countdown G, with some differences that I’m sure everyone will like.

This past year has been a blast, let’s make this one just as fun!

And before I go, there is a poll that I’d like everyone to vote on. This blog gets quite a few readers so if everyone could just vote once, that would make my day. And this will determine one part of the BEST ~Countdown~ H.


This post has been brought to you by Ai’s adorable bunnies with some party hats!


One Response to “1 Year Anniversary! & Poll”
  1. amaiyume says:

    Congratulations on a fantastic year!!!!!
    I wish your blog all the more success in the future!!!

    OMG, the poll is sooo hard!!!
    Kumi and alan and Ami were all fantastic…I’m gonna go with alan though 🙂

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