stay with me

stay with me was Koda Kumi’s 42nd single. It was released on December 24, 2008 and reached no. 1 on the Oricon charts with  39,860 copies sold, making it her 6th no. 1 single. In all this single has sold over 61,403+ copies. This single was released in a total of three versions much like TABOO and features two PVs. The title track was used in a CM for au LISMO and a camera for SONY. This was also the final single in the TRICK Era.

stay with me - Koda Kumi

1. stay with me
2. Winter Bell
3. stay with me: Orgel version
4. stay with me (Instrumental)
5. Winter Bell (Instrumental)

Versatility is one of Kuu’s strong suits, moving from sultry to stunning with stay with me. Like her previous winter works, it’s a winter ballad similar to Yume no Uta and Ai no Uta. And although I had my doubts about this song, even I began to fall in love with this heartfelt ballad. It’s by far the strongest ballad of the year, much better than Moon Crying. As far as her past ballads go, this is just as radiant, just as flawless, and just as phenomenal. As far as the instruments go, the strings are as regal and as impressive as ever. The percussion was excellent too, as well as the piano. Kuu’s vocals in this song were just so overwhelming and so powerful, all of that intense shear power. She commanded total attention, even with her English. Overall it was very dramatic and beautiful.

The lighter and more up-beat track is Winter Bell. This song features the bells, the keyboard, some percussion and the electric guitar. Here her vocals differ greatly as they’re not as strong, yet they’re more gentle and free spirited, similar to Koi no Mahou. It’s pretty energetic as far as winter songs go, and pretty catchy. That melody is just sensational and so catchy.

The Orgel version of stay with me is just a simple music box playing to the tune of the original version. It sounds very nice, so simple yet so magnificent.

Overall Review: stay with me was a winter wonderland. This single is very reminiscent of past works. It’s another one of her classical ballads like you and Yume no Uta, along with Ai no Uta. The instrumentals were just so excellent and flawless. Her vocals were intense and so powerful, she really displays her vocal talents. The English was a nice bonus and the melody was very lovely. The b-side was energetic and a nice boost, just what the single needed. Such a stunning and regal way to end the TRICK Era.

Final Grade: 100A+


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