Happy New Year!

Happy Late New Year everyone! I hope last year was great and that this year will be even better for everyone. And with the new year comes some new changes to this site. It’s still a work in progess, but I will be now begin to review things on a 1-5 star rating, that’s pretty ssmple, more on that will come. I’m also thinking about changing the layout of this site, that will be later though. The old reviews will be re-reviewed but not posted, I’ll just make a post about the re-reviews. I still plan to finish reviewing everything from 2008 if I have enough time left. I might be adding a review index similar to BeyondtheSea just because it makes everything easier, but then again I don’t want to copy it…so that’s a maybe, comment on if I should or not. And finally, BEST Countdown H will commence on January 31st and it should be pretty good hopefully, expect a lot. And as for the entire year, this blog has had a total of 56,853 hits, which isn’t all that bad really, and the official one year mark has yet to come.

Top Posts:
FR 1,123
A 829
Best Countdown 2008 G 507
Yura Yura 449

And the top referrer was BeyondTheSea with over 2,000+ referred! And a big thanks to all of my affiliates, I hope that everyone has a great new year!



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