Days / GREEN

Days / GREEN was Ayumi Hamasaki’s 44th single. It was released on December 17, 2008 and reached no. 1 on the Oricon charts with 127,650 copies sold. GREEN was used in a CM for Panasonic. This single was released in a total of two versions and six editions, like her previous single Mirrorcle World. The first version is Days / GREEN and GREEN / Days, there are two First Press CD+DVD editions, two regular CD+DVD editions, and two CD only editions. Each respective version comes with either a 10th Anniversary recording of either LOVE ~Destiny~ or TO BE.

Days / GREEN - Ayumi Hamasaki(Days / GREEN Version)
1. Days (Original Mix)
2. GREEN (Original Mix)
3. LOVE ~Destiny~
(10th Anniversary version)
4. Days
(Original Mix -Instrumental-)
(Original Mix -Instrumental-)
6. LOVE ~Destiny~
(10th Anniversary version -Instrumental-)

(GREEN / Days Version)
1. GREEN (Original Mix)
2. Days (Original Mix)
3. TO BE
(10th Anniversary version)
(Original Mix -Instrumental-)
5. Days
(Original Mix -Instrumental-)
6. TO BE
(10th Anniversary version -Instrumental-)

Ayumi never ceases to amaze me, even after 10 years Ayumi is still topping the charts and with Days she’ll continue to do so. This heartfelt ballad is utterly beautiful and truly astounding. Like all of her ballads, this one is emotional and powerful. It’s another epic ballad that’s about love. And like her previous songs, this song features the electric guitar as one of its signature instruments along with the drums, some lovely bells, the strings and piano. The melody is simplistic in my opinion but it works very well with this song and the music. Ayumi’s vocals are outstanding in this song, especially when she hits those high notes in the chorus, simply flawless. That being said, they’re pretty deep compared to her earlier works, but they’re still impressive. The music seemed to get better as the song progressed, as did Ayumi’s vocals. I couldn’t really help but feel sad when I heard this song, the lyrics were so sad, I mean it’s about loving someone even though they have someone else, it’s really depressing. That being said though, it’s beautiful and a ballad for the ages.

If you thought the single couldn’t get better, you were wrong. GREEN was originally used in a CM for Panasonic back in August and it caused some commotion. People were excited to hear this song, and after 3 months their prayers were answered. GREEN is known for having a heavy Chinese feel to it, and containing some exquisite Chinese instruments; go figure since the PV was filmed in China and about a showgirl in China in the 30s. In this song, Ayumi’s vocals are deeper than in Days, yet just as powerful. And honestly I love them like this, they’re deep yet very powerful and crisp. The melody is incredibly catchy and infectious to say the least. Anyway, there are some classical strings, along with the Chinese instrumentals & strings, and yes the guitar makes an appearance. The verses were pretty short and actually sounded pretty good. The climax was just dramatic, but in a good way. As for the chorus, well Ayumi really outdid herself, I mean it was short yet memorable, and fast yet catchy. Ayumi sung really fast compared to her other songs, might just be because the song is a little faster paced than her usual material. Lyrically it’s not as strong or as heartfelt, it’s more optimistic, talking about telling someone how they feel when the wind changes. Somewhat romantic, and still epic. This song is actually my favorite song, I just wished that it was a little longer.

On the Days / GREEN version of the single is LOVE ~Destiny~ (10th Anniversary version). Like her previous 10th Anniversary versions, the instrumentals are altered and its been rerecorded. Although I honestly didn’t really like the original version of LOVE ~Destiny~, it was so generic and average and I couldn’t get into it. The piano was the main instrumental and the strings were great, but they were so light and soft. It was still just as dull as before. Her vocals sounded nicer, but it’s still lacking that wow factor. However, just like the original it sounded great towards the end, that was it though.

Now on the GREEN / Days version of the single, the song TO BE (10th Anniversary version) appears. Despite this song being so old, I love it so much, even when it appeared on A BALLADS, and this 10th Anniversary version makes me love it even more. The song was already rock oriented, but this time the rock instruments are stronger in a music sense yet softer overall. Again her vocals are different but 10 years can do that, they’re deeper and more mature sounding, and just plain better. However it seemed as if she was struggling towards the end of the song, she still pulled it off though in the end. The song still sounds as good as ever, even with the new vocals, and different instruments. There seems to me more of a synth quality to it, especially during the chorus. And this song still sounds as catchy as the original version, and is definitely better than the other 10th Anniversary song featured.

Overall Review: Days / GREEN was love bliss! Both songs have a completely different sound, but both are essentially about love, topics that Ayu writes about frequently. Days sounded absolutely phenomenal yet sad at the same time. GREEN on the other hand was just so exotic and foreign yet just as magnificent and regal. Her 10th Anniversary re-recordings are as impressive as always, the instrumentals and vocals are a lot better and more modern; that being said one could use some work. Either way though, this is certainly one mind blowing single that’s sure to be another signature single from Ayumi, or a perfect Christmas gift!

Final Grade: 100A+


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  1. boamyjewel says:

    can you please upload TO BE mp3 the 10th anniversary version thx
    give the link to my blog if you want to help me XD

  2. Die says:

    upload it lol? umm i’ll try

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