Drive away / Shiawase no Jouken

Drive away/Shiawase no Jouken was GIRL NEXT DOOR’s 2nd single. It was released on October 10, 2008 and reached no. 3 on the charts with 21,081 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 33,474+ copies. This was the second single in the GIRL NEXT DOOR Era. *A special thanks to Best Fiction for the scans!

Drive away / Shiawase no Jouken - GIRL NEXT DOOR

1. Drive away
2. Shiawase no Jouken
3. Drive away (maximizor mix)
4. Drive away (ice cream mix)

Still very pop sounding is Drive away. The keyboard and guitar are still the main instruments, along with a few occasional synth elements. It’s actually pretty similar to their last single. It’s still up-beat and pretty good arrangement wise. That being said, it’s sounds a little repetitive and a bit too similar to the first single, but it’s still great. On the bright side, the keyboard seems to play a more dominant role in this song. The music is still blaring and still infectious as ever. The vocals were incredible, Chisa really displays her vocal talents pretty well throughout the song. And just like the previous single, it’s pretty catchy. The rhythm and melody is without a doubt really good. It’s not half bad.

Despite the previous track sounding so familiar to the last single, Shiawase no Jouken sounds refreshing. Instead of sounding to stereotypical pop, this song is a little more rock and electronic oriented. The melody is completely different and new; not that the melody before wasn’t new, it just sounded so similar. But besides having a different melody, the sound as a whole is different. Chisa’s vocals are still the same though, not much variety but they’re still good. The new sound was very unique yet still magnificent.

The maximizor mix of Drive away is completely different from the original. Instead of being pop, this remix is very dance and techno oriented. The distorted vocals in the beginning are evident of that along with the techno beats and the synth elements. This isn’t nearly as good as the original, but it does sound nice. You just have to wait for them sadly.

Now it’s time for the infamous ice cream mix. Like the previous remix of the same name featured on their debut single, the keyboard becomes the main instrument and there’s more of an electronic/techno vibe. There are some great distortions and synth lines that make this song a little better. But now it sounds even more similar to their previous single. If it wasn’t as a long it’d be better.

Overall Review: Drive away / Shiawase no Jouken was ecstatic pop continuance! I personally see this single as a continuance of their debut work, which is both good and bad. It’s good because it’s just as catchy and just as exhilerating, but it’s bad because there’s hardly any variety. However despite sounding so familiar it appears as though as a whole, it’s getting better and more refined. Both tracks could use a little work but overall they’re getting the hang of it. They just need to spice things around a little. Not a bad single though, perfect for GIRL NEXT DOOR.

Final Grade: 94A-


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