5000 Miles

5000 Miles was Rie fu’s 8th single. It was released on September 5, 2007 and reached no. 100 on the charts.

5000 Miles - Rie fu

1. 5000 Miles
2. Aitai Toki ni Utau Uta
3. Life is Like a Boat ~Tsukiakari Rie fu Live version~

Compared to her previous single, 5000 Miles is quite up-beat. This song is actually pretty sweet and even cute. The music is lighthearted with the piano chords and the harmonic strings. Like most of her songs, this song features some English. And although it’s not as much as a whole verse or two, the little bit is good enough. The melody is so lovely and rather catchy. And as for the chorus, well Rie fu’s vocals really shine through. They make it sound so catchy and so beautiful as well as cheerful. I really loved the fact that there was some variety too and that it wasn’t all the same. The classical approach was shear genius too, it made for a very up-beat and up-lifting performance.

The b-side sounds more like something Rie fu would do. Although Aitai Toki ni Utau Uta features some low pitch strings it’s still very nice. The music is very calm and relaxing, and just plain smooth, it’s similar to lounge style music. The acoustic guitar went well with Rie fu’s great vocals that were soft and just stunning. They were simplistic yet still very southing. And as usual there was some English in this song, more than the title track, and like the music, it was quite southing and soft.

The final song is the ~Tsukiakari Rie fu Live version~ of Life is Like a Boat. Honestly, I really didn’t care too much for the original version, even when I watched Bleach, but this version is so refined, so pristine, and so beautiful. I might need to give the original another change since this version sounds so incredible and powerful. I loved the piano in this song, although it sounded very sad and gloomy, it was beautiful. The melody is surprisingly catchy and extraordinary. I have to give Rie fu some credit for this magnificent live performance.

Overall Review: 5000 Miles was pure magnificence! It seems that Rie fu keeps getting better and better with each single. That each brings better music and more happiness. Compared to her last single, it’s not as powerful but it’s still enjoyable. The up-beat title track was quite impressive and very fun to listen to. The b-side was somewhat sad and gloomy compared to the previous track, but it was nice too. But what I enjoyed the most was the live rendition of Life is Like a Boat, it was so impressive and spectacular. Another defining single for the Tobira Album Era.

Final Grade: 100A+



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