Mou Nido to…

Mou Nido to… was BENI’s 9th single. It was released on December 10, 2008 and reached no. 20 on the Oricon Charts with 6,744 copies sold. It has sold over 12,400+ copies. Although this is BENI’s ninth single, it is her first single under her new label Universal Music Japan, as well as her first under her new stage name BENI, as compared to her original name Beni Arashiro. The title track is in response to a summer single that was released by Dohzi-T which featured BENI called Mou Ichido… That being said, this is her first single in her new era.

Mou Nido to... - BENI

1. Mou Nido to…
3. Mou Nido to… (Instrumental)
4. STAY (Instrumental)

I’ve been meaning to review BENI, but it’s been hard since I can’t find much of her music, but finally that’s been resolved. I wasn’t too sure what to expect with Mou Nido to… lit. Never Again but it’s certainly a great song. I’m guessing the best way to describe this song is to say that it’s a lightly infused R&B ballad. This song has a very light feeling to it, the music is pretty soft and oh so sweet. The acoustic guitar and the piano are the main instruments and they sound so amazing. BENI’s vocals are really good, especially her English but that doesn’t surprise me. When the verses begin the snaps begin too, and it’s a nice feeling. It’s calm and southing, and then when the strings begin to play things begin to sound even more beautiful and so uplifting. And I loved how as the song got closer to the chorus it got better. And the chorus itself was so mind blowing. It wasn’t explosive and aggressive, but it was gentle and very sweet. It was lighthearted and powerful, not to mention that it was so catchy. Getting it stuck in your head is an easy thing to do, especially with those mesmerizing vocals.

A little dance influenced is STAY. Well besides having some dance elements, there are still some R&B influences. I guess the most obvious dance elements are the synth beats and the fast-paced music. And during the beginning, it sounded as if there was some type of vocal distortion. The verses sound very dance friendly, yet the chorus sounds a bit more R&B influenced. I mean the vocals were incredible, although I could just not stand the guy’s vocals, it was so annoying. But I have to admit that despite that I loved it, I guess it’s because of the English and the infectious melody. And the ad-libbing at the end. This song in undeniably good, but I couldn’t stand that guy’s vocals in the background, they were unnecessary.

Overall Review: Mou Nido to… was quite the response! Although I haven’t heard Mou Ichido… I know for a fact that this single should be the superior one, as well as just an awesome response. I’m not exactly sure what BENI’s normal genre is as I’ve only heard a few of her songs, but I love this ballad, and the R&B influences were light but sweet; and really perfect for the song. It’s definitely one hell of a song, that’s easy on the ears. And as for the b-side, well it’s just as mind blowing if not more. They might contrast in genre but both a equally great. I was surprised with the sublime synth lines and the fast paced music, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. I just hope that BENI will continue with this style, and that she continues to write more of her own work. Such a superb, a magnificent, and extravagant way to begin her new debut with Universal Music Japan!

Final Grade: 100A+


3 Responses to “Mou Nido to…”
  1. noahfurlani says:

    mou nidoto doesn’t mean “for a second time”, but “never again”

    otherwise, good review, and good song.

  2. radiantdawn says:

    When she was Beni Arashiro, she usually did R&B and pop, with the occaisional ballad here and there.

    I wasn’t expecting her to switch labels,but I’m glad she did because she’s definately getting a lot more attention.

    Great review, by the way!

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