Do you hear what I hear?

Do you hear what I hear? was a digital single by melody. It was released on December 22, 2003. The title track is a cover of the infamous song made famous by Bing Crosby.

Do you hear what I hear? - melody.

1. Do you hear what I hear?

Although this song was released on her Crystal Love single, I just want to review Do you hear what I hear? by itself. I’m sure that everyone, or mostly English speaking people, realize that this song is a very famous Christmas song that’s been around since 1962. The original is very simple and features an array of instruments that are just incredible. In this version there are some instrumentals but they don’t get too powerful until the final chorus. The beginning is filled with melody.’s gentle vocals that are incredible. The piano is also the main instrument at this point, with the drums joining and bells later. And during the second chorus the background vocals can be heard, very harmonious on melody.’s part. And it’s at this point where she begins to exhibit her talent for hitting high notes. As for the lyrics, well they allude to the birth of Christ. The rhyme scheme is very simple yet so memorable and so famous. The lyrics themselves mention a baby brining goodness and light among other things. And that infamous line is still known throughout the world today more than four decades later, “Do you hear what I hear?

Overall Review: Do you hear what I hear? was such an amazing cover. melody. has done a few covers during her career as an artist but this one is so incredible. I guess the fact that it’s December now makes it sound better too, but melody. has done just a great job of this cover. She’s done it justice that’s for sure. I loved the fact that she kept the arrangement the same, no synth lines, the instrumentals are similar for the most part. She’s made this classic even better than though possible, any fan of melody. should give this song a shot.

Final Grade: 100A+


4 Responses to “Do you hear what I hear?”
  1. Nyo~ as much as I love this cover (It’s one of the few melody. songs I do have), wasn’t this song also on the “Crystal Love” single? :O *confused*

    – Megu

  2. Die says:

    yes it was lol, that’s why i put “Although this song was released on her Crystal Love single…”

  3. LOL FAIL. I clearly can’t read <3.
    That said, this song makes me happy XD.

    – Megu

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