Romantic was Rie fu’s 11th single. It was released on November 12, 2008 and reached no. 100 on the charts.

Romantic - Rie fu

1. Romantic
2. In The Airplane
3. Money Will Love You

After hearing people rave about how amazing this song was I decided to give Romantic a shot. I hadn’t heard much from Rie fu except for her second single, Life is like a boat from the anime Bleach, and honestly it really turned me off to Rie fu. But after seeing the cover and the reviews I figured why not listen to this song. Considering this song was produced by Taku of m-flo I knew it’d be different from her normal style. Instead of being all traditional folk pop, this song is filled with synth music, the occasional distorted strings, a piano and some electronic influences. The strings play throughout the song along with the synth music to create an ethereal combination. The verses were very long yet still beautiful lyrically. The chorus lyric wise was short, yet when Rie fu sang it slowly she prolonged it, making it more enjoyable oddly enough. I guess you have to thank the melody for most of that. I haven’t heard many of Rie fu’s songs and therefore I’m not accustomed to her vocals, but if her vocals in her older work sound half as good they do in this song they’re sound amazing. Like some of her work though, this song features some English. There’s a little English in the verses until the second chorus where there’s an entire verse with only English. And I really loved that part. I mean her vocals were so clear and crisp. Not only that but the piano began playing during that verse. The lyrics were incredible and romantic too. This is one of her best works ever by far.

Getting back to the basics is In The Airplane. It’s a bit lackluster when compared to the previous track, but it’s still pretty nice. At first I thought it’d be a ballad with the sweet instrumentals in the beginning, but then after the strings the song changes into a more rock oriented song that includes a synthesizer and a guitar. And the melody reminds me of some English song, either way it’s nice. Her vocals sound a little louder and more vocal, seemingly more powerful too. The chorus was a real treat, I mean the drums, keyboard and the synthesizer, a odd yet incredible combination. The melody was so perfect and pretty catchy. As far as lyrics good, it was around 20/80 as far as English and Japanese go. Not a bad b-side really.

Very gentle and sweet is Money Will Love You. This song is more laid-back than the previous tracks and it’s on the lighter side. The acoustic guitar really sets the tone of the song and is just a great instrumental. This time Rie fu’s vocals were so sweet and so high, which I enjoyed so much. The piano was a nice instrumental too, very fitting for this song. There’s also something about this song that makes it so catchy for some reason, maybe it’s the melody or the vocals. Either way it’s a great song, especially the “somebody already loves you” line, so romantic and innocent.

Overall Review: Romantic was ambient bliss. One word that pops into my mind when I think of this single is “rebirth!” It’s not that Rie fu needed to revive her career, but this single couldn’t hurt. It’s really different from her past works and I honestly hope that this continues, it’s that good. Rie fu was really outdone herself with this single. It’s pure romantic bliss, and despite all of the songs having different music and genres the overall theme still sounds like love for the most part. Now I’m really psyched for her next release, which is January 28, 2009 I believe.

Final Grade: 100A+


5 Responses to “Romantic”
  1. noahfurlani says:

    This single has created countless new Rie Fu fans! Yeah! Join us in making the truly talented the truly popular!

    Great review!

  2. Die says:

    Thanks! This song is so amazing, orgasmic dare I say xD

  3. noahfurlani says:

    oh, and that new release you’re talking about is a compilation album (at least that’s what she said on her blog). too bad, actually, since I really want a fourth album to come out–

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