Anything For You

Anything For You was BONNIE PINK’s 22nd single. It was released on March 28, 2007 and reached no. 9 on the charts and has sold over 19,900+ copies. This was the second single in the Thinking Out Loud Era.

Anything For You - BONNIE PINK

1. Anything For You
2. Love Song / m-flo loves BONNIE PINK (UC a.k.a DJ UPPERCUT REMIX)
3. Anything For You (Instrumental)

Quite different and a little less mainstream from her previous work is Anything For You. It’s pretty synthed up and more acoustic based. There are some great electric guitars, drums, and some great synth elements. The song is somewhat fast, and it has one heck of a melody, very catchy. And the climax was just odd, yet it worked for this song. And some of the instrumentals during the chorus reminded me of some country music. The English in this song was great as usual, as were the vocals. Not nearly as catchy as A Perfect Sky, but it’s still nice.

The b-side is the (UC a.k.a DJ UPPERCUT REMIX) of Love Song, which was a collaboration with m-flo. m-flo is known for their R&B/Hip-Hop oriented music, and this remix is no exception. The beats are pretty laid back, then again the song is pretty slow. The vocals of m-flo really annoyed me, but BONNIE’s were nice. Although despite all of that I still can’t get into this song.

Overall Review: Anything For You was synth pop perfection! This single was somewhat of a throwback from her previous single, but I still like it. I mean the title track has its faults but once you get into it it’s good. Could it have been better? Yes, but it’s still a great song. Although with the guitars I sometimes got lost in the music, such a very interesting genre, almost country like. The b-side was horrific though, I mean BONNIE and Hip-Hop just don’t mix. Not to mention the annoying vocals from m-flo. However, even with that distraction, I still adore this single. Another stylish addition to the Thinking Out Loud Era.

Final Grade: 93B+



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