Circus Fever w/ TRICK

After a few weeks of waiting, the covers of Kuu’s latest album TRICK has finally been revealed. And I can honestly say that I’m quite shocked. Don’t get me wrong, they look great, but they’re so circus oriented. I mean Anna Tsuchiya just released her album with a circus theme. And then Kuu’s seemingly American counterpart Britney Spears has just released an album called Circus with Big Top themes and videos. And let’s not forget P!nk with her album Funhouse, an obvious allusion to a circus. Well whatever the case might be for such circus allusions, Kuu by far has the hottest, and strangest cover. Anyway here are the covers, a CD edition, CD+2DVD edition, and finally an HVM CD+2DVD edition.

CD Edition
CD+2DVD Edition
CD Edition
CD Edition
HVM CD+2DVD Edition
HVM CD+2DVD Edition

So what are your thoughts on Kuu’s new album? Feel free to post a comment or two. And here’s the track list. So what songs excite you the most? And be aware that they’ve released 3 previews already, and they’re pretty good.

02. Driving
03. show girl
04. Your Love
05. stay with me
06. Joyful
09. Hurry Up!
10. This is not a love song
11. Bling Bling Bling feat.AK-69
12. That Ain’t Cool feat. Fergie
13. Moon Crying
14. Ai no Kotoba
15. Venus -English Version- (Bonus Track)

13 Responses to “Circus Fever w/ TRICK”
  1. noahfurlani says:

    Frankly, I was really disappointed by these covers. After the great covers for MOON, TABOO and stay with me, I was expecting something really good-looking, and then came along this. Not horrible, just disappointing.

  2. Die says:

    the cd edition looks a little bland, but i love the silver stuff in the background. as she’s a cute magicians assistant lol.

    the other cover looks creepy, i mean a clown? but it could have been worse

  3. blackmager says:

    What the hell is with the current obsession with freakshows?
    I really don’t like the covers.
    The CD only one is okay, but the other one is horrendous.

  4. Die says:

    i agree, cd one is good. she actually can pull it off, but the clown thing is kinda creepy

    but now i can’t wait for the album scans πŸ™‚

  5. blackmager says:

    The CD is nice, but at the same time, it’s looks painfully cheap.

  6. glassmask says:

    I ‘m so behind. I dont even know Kuu have a new album coming out….


    I kinda like the cover, but she looks so different…

  7. Alvy says:

    I have just written about the same thing! Also, Christina Aguilera’s circus phase lasted from 2006 to 2007! Koda Kumi is a fan of Christina’s, so maybe she’s taking inspiration from Xtina and Britney. I like what she did, though, even though it looks really different from anything else she’s done (It’s quite scary, really… hahah) and it’s kind of random. I like the covers though, it’s not the classic blonde ringleader or circus attraction, she picked another aspect, and that’s neat. I love the tracks of her new album. All of her singles so far have been mindblowing (At least for me)! I didn’t like her collaboration with Fergie, though… made her sound bad, when she’s definitely more talented than Fergie.

    I love your blog and I’m so happy that someone else thinks that “EXODUS” (By our talented Utada Hikaru) is an A+ album!

  8. Die says:

    I agree with the fergie thing, kuu’s more of a support, didn’t sing very much.

    and yes i love exodus, but it needs a re-review desperately, so i’ll do that before the year is over hopefully.

  9. i dont like the silver one much
    but the joker looking one is HOT

  10. christian...again says:

    sorry. forgot to add. its obvious that the HOT joker cover is to math the theme of her title “trick” and yeah britney has her new circus CD (really good btw :])out, but i dont think anybody should comparing the 2 singers albums, what if koda had the theme first but britney got it out before her? so chea. i stil think the album cover of the joker is hot ❀

  11. Xenobia4 says:

    The covers are so cool!!

    I love the CD+2DVD one! It’s just so unique, ya know?! Not something we’ve ever seen Koochan do and frankly, I’m glad she did! It’s so different from the Kuu we’re used to and THAT’S what makes them so much fun!!

    And the CD only version is neat because she’s like a magician’s assistant. Go Koochan!

  12. lj says:

    any larger version of the cd scans? thanks πŸ™‚

  13. Ashiya says:

    I love the pictures, but GOD that font is ugly. ;^;

    Anyway, I’m super excited for this album. I’ve only heard TABOO so far (from this era) but recently I’ve really been getting into her music.

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