Blog Stats Nov 2008

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of updates. Things have been crazy and I’ve been busy, but I hope to start posting more by tomorrow. I’m pretty tired so for now some minor blog stats. So far the blog has had 50,261+ hits! I’ve finally reached the 50k mark. Not too shabby really, i mean 11 months running is pretty good. There were 5,905 views, which is a drop from last month, but considering the lack of posts it’s pretty good. So thanks everyone a bunch for visiting my blog. The most viewed post was Days / GREEN followed by Suna no Oshiro. The best referrer is yet BeyondTheSea with a grand total of 1,231 referred. So thanks again Lex, and all my other affiliates. Sorry this is so disorganized, it’ll be better next week, oh and get ready for my Best Countdown 2008 H & GH.

4 Responses to “Blog Stats Nov 2008”
  1. amaiyume says:

    What does H & GH mean?
    I’m looking forward to the 2008 countdown!!!! I’m doing one too so it’ll be interesting to see where our ideas match 🙂

    Hope for tons of hits for the Holidays!!

  2. glassmask says:

    I cant wait for the countdown! more good recommendations~

    oh and is it just me or did AYU’s voice deepened? its not sharp anymore but very thick and matured! I love her voice now~

    and when will hikki drop her 2nd u.s album? she said its going to be int he next 4 months….

  3. Die says:

    Well the first was Best Countdown G, signifying the first half of the year, and the H will signify the second half, and GH, assuming I have it, will be for the entire year. But G = Gold, H = Hikari, and GH = GoldHikari. Very simple lol.

  4. amaiyume says:

    ^ oh!! hahaha, I get it!
    I cna’t wait to see the countdown 🙂

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