Black Friday & Days / GREEN Covers

Hey everyone, I hope things are going good for everybody. Sorry I haven’t been able to post much, it’s been hard to get on the computer and posting, especially after writting so many papers. Anyway, I plan to post some more reviews, namely Kuu and Ayu, and the occasional melody. and Perfume. But reviews will be on hold for a while until I return home with all of my music and own computer. But I hope that everyone in the US had a great Thanksgiving, I know I did, and I hope everyone has a safe Black Friday. I know people can get a little crazy on Black Friday, especially when it comes top shopping and finding the best deals. So stay safe and be careful. And enjoy the other many reviews!

By the way, the new covers have been released for Ayu’s Days / GREEN, and they look amazing. Credits go to Japan Roll!

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6 Responses to “Black Friday & Days / GREEN Covers”
  1. bucebucethecaboose says:

    Reminds me too much of Mirrorcle World

  2. blackmager says:

    I gotta admit.
    When it comes to looking a doll, I don’t mind it when it’s on her album covers.

    I love these.

  3. amaiyume says:

    these are so friggin fantastic!!
    wonderful job Ayu, they’re better than Mirrorcle World 🙂

  4. Selryam says:

    Her face is the only thing that ruins these covers. -__-

  5. glassm says:

    ayuy’s expression is alittle blank, but still very very pretty!!!

  6. Chiisai says:

    As always, Ayu looks so pretty! And I love Days/GREEN.

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