Megumi no Ame

Megumi no Ame was alan’s 7th single. It was released on November 12, 2008 and reached number 30 on the charts with 4,007 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 5,422+ copies. So far this single has her highest first week sales of any single without a tie-in. The theme of this single was water, along with love and peace. This is also alan’s final single in her “Five Elements Campaign” as well as her debut Era.

Megumi no Ame - alan

1. Megumi no Ame
2. Namida
3. Megumi no Ame (Instrumental)
4. Namida (Instrumental)

Still solemn and very profound is alan’s final song in her five elements campaign, Megumi no Ame lit. Blessed Rain. Although this song is amazing, it’s not nearly as powerful as Ashita e no Sanka or even RED CLIFF ~Shin Sen~, but it’s still a beautiful song nonetheless. The instrumentals consist of the piano, cello, violins, and the er-hu; it’s basically a ballad arrangement, fitting as the song is a ballad. Anyway, with all of the instrumentals, the tone is pretty much set for a sad, yet epic ballad. The vocals are as beautiful and as strong as ever. I loved how her vocals became stronger as the song progressed. The strings were perfect and very classical during the chorus. It might not have been as dramatic or as royal sounding as her previous single, but it’s memorable nonetheless. I have to admit though that right after the bridge the song was probably at the climax, it was so powerful and the vocals were at the peak of perfection. Not to mention that the instrumentals were incredible. I was surprised that she didn’t use her mountain vocals, but that’s just fine.

Still a bit on the heavier side is Namida lit. Tears. It’s heavier in the fact that this ballad is a little darker, and sadder. The music is a mixture of the strings, piano, traditional instrumentals, and some lovely bells. Although the verses aren’t all that interesting, the instrumentals sure are nice. But the chorus makes up for it all. The climax was just phenomenal. I guess I’m just a sucker for the strings, and some of those traditional instrumentals. But besides all of that there were some amazing claps and snaps, that were mid-tempo. That and the vocals, although they weren’t as strong they sounded just as good. I must admit though that the melody of this song is better than Megumi no Ame, that being said, I think this song is a little better.

Overall Review: Megumi no Ame was ballad bliss. Despite not living up to its predecessor, this single is still lovely and magnificent. The theme this time was water and I felt that the single exemplified it very well. I loved how both songs were ballads, and how both were so amazing. Her vocals were just as good, if not stronger. The only problem I had was the fact that I liked Namida more than Megumi no Ame. It just seems somewhat lackluster after RED CLIFF. The instrumentals were very similar, and I loved the traditional instruments, they were incredible. Not her finest single, but still a memorable and profound way to end her debut era.

Final Grade: 100A+


2 Responses to “Megumi no Ame”
  1. amaiyume says:

    wow, an A+
    I think that’s the first review I’ve seen to give such high marks to this single.
    I thought it was nice but it didn’t leave the lasting impressions like the other ones like Sora Uta or Kaze no Tegami. I was hoping for something a little stronger and both songs kinda sounded too similar for my tastes.

    Nonetheless, I anticipate her debut album 🙂

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