Hey everyone! I hope things are going good for everyone, as for me, things are getting better. My wrist is doing good for the most part, i go see the doctors next month. There’s a paper due soon, but I’m almost done. And most importantly, Thanksgiving is around the corner!!! That being said, I have some awesome news.

The promo for Ayu’s GREEN has been leaked. And I only upload either radio rips or promos, and this time it’s the promo. The quality isn’t all that good, but it’ll suffice for now. And I can already say that I love this song, so expect a review soon. Credit goes to Miss-Shinayu@c-k-jpopmusic. Enjoy everyone, and for those that have itunes, I’ve added the lyrics to the song credit goes to Ikiya.


3 Responses to “GREEN Promo”
  1. glass says:

    thank you so much~
    hope it will sell a million…

  2. glass says:

    I just watched Hikki’s utada united 2006 passion..omg it was soo beautiful! its so amazing how beautifully she sang..and in LIVE!!

    sorr its random but I’m so shocked…

    I need to buy that DVD..

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