Suna No Oshiro

Suna No Oshiro was Kanon Wakeshima’s second single. It was released on November 12, 2008. The title track was used as the ending theme song for the anime Vampire Knight Guilty. This single was released in a regular and a first press edition.

Suna no Oshiro - Kanon Wakeshima

1. Suno No Oshiro
2. skip turn step♪
3. Suno no Oshiro (Instrumental)
4. skip turn step♪ (Instrumental)
5. Suno no Oshiro ~Orgel Version~

Darker and more dramatic than its predecessor is Suno no Oshiro lit. Castle of Sand. The strings are the dominant instrumentals in the song, with the cello and violins alternating. Anyway, the opening is a cello playing, followed by some slow drum beats. Kanon’s vocals seem to have improved a bit as she whispers the lyrics. Although during the epic chorus, which sounds incredible, her vocals are stronger exhibit some power. The strings make it sound classical, yet a bit ominous at the same. And it sounds a lot better than the previous single’s, more power and structure. Not to mention the organ during the final chorus. The cello served as an excellent instrument during the bridges. The only thing I had a problem was the fact that the song was so sort and that there were only two choruses. If it were longer it’d be better, but it’s still amazing. And the waves crashing towards the end was just amazing.

Very classical and seemingly up-beat is skip turn step♪. The music is mostly the strings, go figure, and some bells, followed by the occasional drum beats. The vocals are a little lighter, cuter, and a bit happier. The song kept building up momentum until the chorus, which I thought was great. I did like the music mostly because it reminded me of aristocratic balls, but I think that was it. It was a little catchy, but the song is better known for the music than the vocals. Although the melody was nice, it’s just not as good as the title track.

Overall Review: Suna no Oshiro was classical dramatics. This single was so phenomenal and sounded so classical. The strings yet again are the signature instruments and they sound so impressive. The title track was such a step up from the previous single. I mean it was epic, dramatic, and it still sounded dark, very fitting for Vampire Knight Guilty. And those vocals have improved to be a powerhouse of sound. I wasn’t all that thrilled with the B-Side, but it could have been worse. Such an incredible single!

Final Grade: 95A


7 Responses to “Suna No Oshiro”
  1. Selryam says:

    The inclusion of a Baroque-themed song on this single was genius. ❤

    She should release an a-side to that effect.

  2. blackmager says:

    Really, I found both songs to be excellent.

    Not really the best to show off her skills with the cello
    It’s more meant to show her vocal skills, which a lot of us really doubted beforer.

  3. glass says:

    I love her voice…
    so sweet and lovely…
    gosh they are very lucky…to have such a beautiful voice

  4. lj says:

    do you have any bigger CD cover scans of the titles you review? if yes, can you please share? I use to get them for theppn but they are down at the moment. thank you 🙂

  5. Die says:

    i’m sorry, but i get most of my scans from there are well. And as a result I don’t have many bigger covers scans, unless they’re already on my computer.

  6. lj says:

    thanks for the reply 🙂

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