Supreme Show

Supreme Show was Ami Suzuki’s 7th studio album. It was released on November 12, 2008 and debuted at no. 8 on the Oricon Charts with 8,748 copies sold. In all this album has sold over 13,094+ copies. This is Ami’s first non-collaboration album since AROUND THE WORLD (2005). This album is also her 10th Anniversary album as well as her first to be produced by Yasutaka Nakata. That being said, all of the songs feature that infamous techno sound. TEN was used as the ~12 Honda Cars Campaign (Limited Region) Tie Up CM.

Supreme Show - Ami Suzuki

1. TEN
2. can’t stop the DISCO
3. climb up to the top
5. Mysterious
6. change my life
8. A token of love
10. flower
11. ONE

Possibly signifying Ami’s 10 years in the music business is TEN. Oddly enough it begins the album, and on a very positive note I might add. The music is techno oriented, but it’s not so overwhelming, instead it’s up-beat and somewhat light when it comes to the sound. Of course there are some great synth elements present too. And the beats resemble drums, but they’re incredible. The vocals are distorted, but that’s nothing new for Ami. The distorted vocals seem to mesh well together with the music. However, as to the overall appeal of the song, it’s not all that great. It does sound great, and some parts are catchy, but it’s not nearly as amazing as ONE. It’s a great show stopper, but will it be memorable?

Heavily techno oriented is can’t stop the DISCO. The vocals are more distorted in this song, and they’re a bit deeper. The music sounds a little dark, but it sounds infectious. The verses sounded amazing, it must be
the deep vocals. That and the music all made it awesome. But what I loved the most about it was the climax. It kept building up and then BAM! The chorus appears and it’s infectious. The incredible new music that’s more techno sounding, and the English all make it so memorable. This is what I call memorable.

Still behind the previous track and not so good is climb up to the top. It was previously a B-Side and that’s where it should have stayed. The music is a little softer when it comes to all the techno elements and such but this song just stinks. Ami really doesn’t sing that much, it’s more yelling and speaking than anything. I wish she recorded a little more new material rather than have this song the album.

The new incarnation of SUPER MUSIC MAKER has arrived, and it’s the (SA’08S / A mix). Although this was released on her previous single, I still can’t get enough of it. The techno and synth elements have been toned down dramatically for a newer, purer sound. The distortions have ceased for the most part, allowing for some better and more refined vocals. But despite removing all of the heavy music, the song is still fun and exciting. The acoustic guitar was a nice touch too. overall the song is just as catchy as before, maybe not infectious now, but still amazing.

One of the six new tracks is Mysterious. The techno and synth a little deep and low toned, somewhat mysterious. The vocals too as pretty deep, and maybe even a little scary, not scary, but creepy. Anyway, the music sounds pretty nice, the best part was after the chorus when the synth elements were more present. The only problem I had with this song was the whole monotone aspect. Her vocals sounded the same to the extent where it just felt so repetitive. Not her finest work that’s for sure.

More up-beat and energetic is change my life. The techno & synth aren’t really in full blast here, but they sound better than the previous song. The drum beats and the keyboard make for some nice instrumentals. The vocals are higher and have more variety thankfully. But honestly this song still lacks a catchy chorus that really hooks you in. It’s a shame too because this song had some potential.

Oddly enough it appears that all of the titles in caps seem to be amazing tracks, and LOVE MAIL is no exception. The music is more dance and synth than heavy techno, and it’s a great change. The synthesizer is in full blast with this song providing some incredible beats. The vocals are still distorted but this time there’s more variety. They’re pretty normal in the verses, but high in the chorus. And the chorus is just energetic. It’s infectious, but not too obnoxious, and it features some English. I loved it when she shouted out “LOVE MAIL” in those cute vocals of hers, so incredible. And the Japanese sounded great too. I personally think it’s because the melody is catchy, and the distortions added. The bridge was fast paced and short, but it was just what the song needed. You could possibly lose yourself in this song, so be warned.

A little behind is A token of love. This heavy techno & synth song is still in my opinion, B-Side material. The melody is still as catchy as before, but it doesn’t compare to some of her newer material. But in the same respect, it’s better than some of the newer songs on this album. I still find the verses great, especially with the vocals, despite being distorted. However I still don’t find the chorus all so catchy, but it’s better than some of the songs on this album. Not so bad overall.

Very synth feeling is TRUE. It’s a bit different when compared to her previous songs in the sense that it appears to either have some incredible synth sounding elements or the strings, either way it’s mesmerizing. And not only that but the synth elements are softer in their sound and more beautiful. The vocals were rather enjoyable and amazing as usual. Just like LOVE MAIL and ONE, this song features an infectious chorus. The beats are incredibly hot, and so addictive. It’s hook, line, and sinker. Once you’re hooked, you can’t help but listen to this song again and again.

The final new track on this album is entitled flower. This song seems to feature some string sounding instruments, along with a piano/keyboard. But honestly, it’s still not all that great. The techno beats are heavy in the sense that they’re so slow and just long. Ami’s vocals were quite deep at certain points, but better during the chorus. The music might have been a little slow, but it was catchy. The melody turned out to be somewhat catchy, and the toned down techno elements were nice. I think if the song were a little faster, it’d be better. But overall it’s a nice track.

Finishing the album ironically is the track entitled ONE. This son originally kicked off the Supreme Show Era, and it’s a superb ending track. It’s energetic and infectious, it’s new and sensational, and it’s so addictive. The music is more up-beat and more techno & synth oriented. Not to mention the great distorted vocals. As for the melody, this song dominates. It has the best melody on the album, which is why it’s the most infectious song. The chorus features some great English and some awesome Japanese lyrics. And those beats and that incredible music blend together to create an phenomenal techno song. It might be the oldest song on the album, but it’s definitely one of the best. A fitting way to end Supreme Show.

Overall Review: Supreme Show was techno & synth supremacy! This album is just what the doctor ordered. It’s new, extremely catchy, and just plain fun! It really shows off Ami’s newfound techno style, and will surely be a memorable and signature album. I loved the overall theme, which obviously was techno & synth. And it’s very popular right now in Japan, Perfume is a bit example. Anyway, I loved most of the songs on this album. Her singles were amazing, and most of the songs on the album were too. That being said, a few could have used some work. Mostly in the vocals and tempo section, it shouldn’t be too slow and too deep, it should be a little more up-beat; thankfully it was for only a few songs though. But overall such a mind blowing album. This album really is no. 1!

Final Grade: 96A


6 Responses to “Supreme Show”
  1. Selryam says:

    I’m gonna have to disagree with a lot of the tempo and vocal pitch issues you had, but this definitely was a great album.

    LOVE MAIL was a bit of a grower, though.

  2. sushibabyx says:

    I think climb up to the top may be my favorite song from the album. ^-^ Heehee, that’s just me πŸ™‚

    How’s your hand feeling? Was it your hand? or your wrist? Anyway, hope you’re feeling better (a little, at least) πŸ™‚

  3. Die says:

    my wrist is doing much better, I can finally type with two hands again, although I have a paper do so reviews will be scarce for now.

  4. amaiyume says:

    wow great review!!!!!!

    Mysterious is sooooo addictive, I LOVE it!!!!
    and I agree with you about TRUE, great song πŸ™‚
    TEN and flower also ROCK!!!

    Ami and Nakata really outdid themselves with this album so I’m glad you like it too πŸ™‚

  5. UltraStationJin says:

    Yeah, I’m with Selryam. I disagree with your vocal and tempo issues. Not every song needed to be fast and upbeat and high pitched and thank god they weren’t.

    Flower is one of the most unique and best songs on the Album.

    There’s always need to switch it up with some slow ballad-esque songs of this genre and who would want to miss out on Suzuki Ami’s deep vocals that she brings to this type of music. Perfume has all the high pitched goodness you desire. I love what Suzuki Ami brings to the table.

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