Shiny GATE

Shiny GATE was Shoko Nakagawa’s 5th single. It was released on August 6, 2008 and reached number 8 on the charts with 13,564 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 20,316+ copies The title track was used as the theme song for TOKYO OLMYPIC 2008 event which started on August 8th.

Shiny GATE - Shoko Nakagawa

1. Shiny GATE
2. To Be Free
3. Sekidou Komachi DOKII
4. Shiny GATE -Instrumental-

Beginning Shoko’s new era is Shiny GATE. It features some synth elements along with some guitars and the keyboard. Her vocals are sound oh so cute, not like Tsuzuku Sekai, they’re higher, that’s for sure. The music sounds pretty pop and up-beat; and at the same time a little GIRL NEXT DOOR. As far as overall catchy goes though, it’s not up to par. It does sound nice, but it’s hard to remember it. However, at least the chorus sounds awesome. And the bridge was great, futuristic in someway.

By far, more gentle and up-beat is To Be Free. It’s your basic carefree pop sensation, with some great synth elements. The keyboard goes well with the clapping and the somewhat mid-tempo music. The vocals are a little deeper in this case, but they sound as awesome as ever. I loved the synth elements, but I still feel this song lacks that memorable, and wow, factor.

Still synth oriented is Sekidou Komachi DOKII. This time the music is rather fast, and it’s a nice change. The guitar is still one the main instrumentals, but those synth instrumentals command most of the attention. Shoko’s vocals are like a mix of the previous songs, they’re not so innocent, but they’re not so deep. The song sounded cute, but it’s still not all that memorable sadly. It’s sad too because this song was actually somewhat catchy.

Overall Review: Shiny GATE was lackluster radiance. I can honestly say that I was expecting more from Shoko, but sadly all I got was this. Don’t get me wrong, the songs sound nice and all, but the question is whether or not you can remember the songs. And truthfully the songs weren’t all that memorable. I did like the overall central theme and how each one featured some of the same instrumentals. Such a sad way to kick off Shoko’s new era.

Final Grade: 85C+



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