Hoshiakari was Jyukai’s 3rd single. It was released on November 1, 2006 and reached number 84 on the charts with 1,369 copies sold. The title track was used as the ending theme song for the anime Busou Renkin. This was the final single in the Wild flower Era.

Hoshiakari - Jyuaki

1. Hoshiakari
2. ・・・because I love you.
3. Hoshiakari -Instrumental-
4. ・・・because I love you. -Instrumental-

It appears as though Hoshiakari lit. Star Light is the brand’s first ballad released. From the acoustic guitar, piano, and strings it appears that way. Manami’s vocals further reinforce that as they’re calm and somewhat soft. The verses are mid-tempo too and with the acoustic guitar they sound very peaceful. However, once the chorus comes the song transforms into a rock based ballad. The chorus is still mid-tempo, but the vocals are stronger and the electric guitar is introduced. The instrumentals also sound a little more epic too. They’re also really great right after the chorus too. Anyway, the chorus itself sounds rather epic almost with the strong instrumentals and vocals. The bridge was an aggressive guitar solo that sounds riveting. And the string closing was great. Not all that bad really.

More up-beat and rock oriented from the start is ・・・because I love you. It gets off to a quick start and is very rock friendly. The vocals were somewhat uplifting, but they were mostly happy. The constant drum beats were great and they went well with the electric guitar. The melody was nice, and the chorus was somewhat catchy. I liked how there was some English used, unexpected really, but it was nice. The vocals were particularly good during the chorus too. I did love the ending though, it was really great. It was up-beat, fun, and energetic. Although overall, it still needs some work.

Overall Review: Hoshiakari was rock domination. This single wasn’t really all that great honestly, but I did like how it was rock oriented. A central theme is always good and it really holds the single together. But despite this single not being all that great, I loved the title track. It was a refreshing rock ballad, great vocals, and great instrumentals. The melody was really great, and that’s why I loved it so much. The following track could have been better, it’s mediocre at best, but I guess it’s to be expected. I just wish that it was a little more memorable. Still not a bad way to end the Wild flower Era.

Final Grade: 89B


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