glitter / fated

glitter / fated was Ayumi Hamasaki’s 41st single. It was released on July 18, 2007 reached number 1 on the charts with 110,165 copies sold. In all it has sold over 166,203+ copies according to Oricon, although Avex reports it has sold about 244,000 copies worldwide. Instead of two different PV’s there was a mini film called Kyoai ~Distance Love~, much like Voyage’s PV, that she stared in with Shawn Yue, a Hong Kong actor. glitter was used in a Zespri Gold Kiwi CM, while fated is the theme song for the movie Kaidan. This was also the first single in her GUILTY Era.

glitter / fated - Ayumi Hamasaki

1. glitter
2. fated
3. Secret
4. glitter (Instrumental)
5. fated (Instrumental)

Despite the criticism that glitter has received, I still love it. It’s somewhat reminiscent of her previous summer songs, except it’s not as popular. The song is rather up-beat and so sugary in its happy-go-lucky feel. The blaring pop music sounds incredible with the guitar, synth, and strings. Ayu’s vocals are very strong and they sound very happy. The background vocals weren’t all that bad either oddly enough. The verses sound great and are somewhat catchy, and with the English they sound fantastic. And the chorus was a delightful pop sensation. It was catchy and sounded incredible, especially with the guitar. Like most of her songs, this song features an amazing bridge that’s mostly guitar driven along with a few synth instrumentals. Very pop, yet still tolerable.

Completely opposite is the rock ballad fated. Instead of up-beat, it’s solemn, rather than fast, it’s mid-tempo. And in being the opposite, it’s the stronger of the two. The vocals are stronger in shear power and emotion. The instrumentals sound far superior and more rock oriented. Along with the guitar, drums, the piano, and there was a hint of some synth. The instrumentals sounded the strongest during the chorus which was phenomenal. It was beautiful and just inspiring. The fact that it was memorable didn’t hurt either, and the melody was great. Her vocals were particularly powerful here. As usual the lyrics were beautiful and awing. The stronger of the two by far.

The title track of her previous album Secret was also featured. For some reason her title tracks don’t sound all that great, but this one sounds nice. The acoustic guitar and tambourine provide for some great instrumentals. But there are the strings still and they sound beautiful. The song is a little dramatic and a little rock oriented, but still more classical overall. An interesting choice for this single.

Overall Review: glitter / fated was a fusion of sugary happiness and rock love. Despite having two complete opposites this single still sounds amazing. I mean a wonderfully sweet song with a rocking ballad, odd yet impressive. The rock instrumentals were great for both songs, although one sounded very pop still. Her vocals were impressive, and very powerful in one case. glitter might have been criticized but I think it’s still good. But fated was still better. And I loved the booklet, the scans were great eye candy. Such a beautiful and magnificent way to begin the GUILTY Era.

Final Grade: 100A+


3 Responses to “glitter / fated”
  1. blackmager says:

    I actually do enjoy this happy single, but I think it didn’t blend in that well with her album.

    And while I do like the colors of the scans, I didn’t like Ayumi.
    She is just really scary in those scans. Especially in that other cover

  2. Die says:

    a little too happy lol, the cover i mean.

    but i do agree, even with MY ALL it felt out of place.but i think fated rocked, and it fit well, kinda, with the rock theme

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