Kirei À La Mode

Kirei À La Mode was Shoko Nakagawa’s 7th single. It was released on October 22, 2008 and reached number 5 on the charts with 13,758+ copies. In all this single has sold over 16,994+ copies. This single is a collaboration between Matsumoto Takashi and Tsutsumi Kyohei. The title track was used as the CM song for “Fujiya LOOK Royal Mode”. This was the third single in her new era.

Kirei À La Mode - Shoko Nakagawa

1. Kirei À La Mode
2. Kamitsure
3. Yakusoku
4. Kirei À La Mode -Instrumental-

Very French sounding in the title is the beautiful Kirei À La Mode. This song is somewhat of a pop ballad. Although the piano is the signature instrument, there are the strings which sound so powerful during the chorus. And the drums which provide great beats, and let’s not forget the guitar. The song begins sweet enough with the piano playing along with Shoko’s vocals. And her vocals in this song sound amazing. There were filled with such power, and they were high for the most part, no grudge rock. The chorus for once was so magical. The music was so dramatic. There was such a beautiful atmosphere surrounding it, and with the instrumentals, namely the strings, you can’t go wrong. They sound so powerful yet so eloquent. And if the strings are your thing, you’ll love the bridge.

A little some synth based is the mystical sounding Kamitsure. The opening is filled with synth elements and such a mystical miasma. The music is very light hearted and very pop, a nice combination; and that pop is more of a synth/pop really. Although the verses weren’t all that energetic, I loved the drum roll afterwards. And the chorus was very up-beat, happy, and lighthearted. Still very synth but it works. The organ during the bridge sounded a little out of place but it was great still.

Still up-beat and rather synth oriented is Yakusoku. The song is up-beat for the most part, and the main instrumentals seem to be the acoustic guitar. There are also some strings, some constant clapping it appears. There’s a little country feel with all the beats and the castanets confirm that somehow. But there are still those synth elements. I can’t complain about her vocals, they’re really great. They’re not so adorable but there is some power.

Overall Review: Kirei À La Mode was a beautiful sensation. This single is a turn around from her last single. And I can honestly say that I’m happy. The big difference were her vocals, which were higher and stronger. I’m not too sure about the collaboration, but it was good. The music was great, some ballad and pop, an interesting combination. This might be one of her softer and lighter singles, but it’s a better one. Another majestic single from Shoko.

Final Grade: 90B

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