Koibito Doushi

Koibito Doushi was Jyukai’s 2nd single It was released on July 26, 2006 and reached number 87 on the charts with 1,762 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 2,488+ copies. The title track was used as the second ending theme song for the anime Ah! My Goddess: Sorezore no Tsubasa. This was the second single in the Wild flower Era.

Koibito Doushi - Jyukai

1. Koibito Doushi
2. Wasurenagusa
3. Koibito Doushi -Instrumental-
4. Wasurenagusa -Instrumental-

Still featuring some rock elements is Koibito Doushi. It’s somewhat reminiscent of their previous single, but it’s a lot better. It’s also a pretty lighthearted song, not too overwhelming. The vocals are great especially during the chorus. The melody was somewhat catchy, but very unique in the chorus. That being said, the chorus was unique at a few points but overall it was great. It just stuck with you, rather memorable. The guitars, drums, and even the keyboard were all fantastic. The bridge was rock and some synth, pretty sweet for the most part, and short. The best part was the vocals hands down.

Completely from the title track is Wasurenagusa. This song is more mid-tempo and more acoustic based. Although the vocals in this song are considerably stronger. There’s still a hint of rock instruments in this song, but it’s not nearly as great as before. The strings during th bridge were as unexpected as they were good. And afterwards the song got a lot better, more power and liveliness overall. Not bad really at all.

Overall Review: Koibito Doushi was angelic vocal supremacy! This single is their best in terms of vocals, it’s so amazing. I did like the rock elements in the title track, and the vocals in the B-side. The only thing that this single lacked was some umph, or that wow factor. The songs were still good, but a little on the mediocre side. Just give the song a try, it’s worth it.

Final Grade: 86B-


2 Responses to “Koibito Doushi”
  1. mithfalath says:

    I can’t believe somebody else is reviewing Jyukai’s songs. How come I haven’t seen you yet?

    Anyway, I like your reviews. You’re all totally right. Except for one part: And I quote, “This single is their best in terms of vocals, it’s so amazing.”

    You should listen to all of their songs, up to the latest. Well, it is preference I guess, but you’ll find out that there are a tonful of songs that will amaze you. Just try it. You won’t get disappointed! 😀

    My personal favorite: Shintouka (from the album Harvest)

  2. Die says:

    I probably should add “at this time” lol. But I plan to review their entire discography.

    And I just started reviewing Jyuaki after Aimmy’s debut single, which was back in September/October.

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