Hey everyone, I know I said I’d have a review done by today but that’s not going to happen. I just have a lot to do and typing with one hand gets rather exhausting. But by monday or tuesday I should have my review of PRIMA ROSA finished, I’m actually on track no. 10 now. So expect that later, assuming I’m not too tired or on pain meds. In the meantime, enjoy all of the other reviews.


4 Responses to “Sorry”
  1. Glass Mask says:

    oh gee, please rest…

    I’m looking at ur old reviews, they are so wonderful!

    you are such a perfectionist, a good thing~ did u re write all the old reviews? O_O

  2. solarblade says:

    I’m srry bout what’s happened to you Die *hugz* I should probably slow my ass down…done 5 since I’ve returned home from camping today….

  3. Die says:

    well the surgery went well, and i’ll be on meds so i should be able to do it tomorrow.

    but i haven’t rewritten all of my reviews, first up will be ayu’s MY STORY followed by ULTRA BLUE.

  4. glass says:

    yes ultra blue!
    I’m obsessed with Exodus 04 now…and then waiting for Hikki’s U.S album ….

    OMG! I’m watching her Passion Live, she record this with the cover of the Greenday song! its so I think her voice are the best of the best..i never seem any artist sing that well in live…

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