Hi everyone. From the look of the title I guess you know that that means break time. And I really had no intention of having a break but I have no control over this one. Yesterday while roller blading, I fell somehow, I think it was because the pavement was uneven. Anyway, I went to the doctor today and they said that I broke my wrist, left thankfully, my right hand is my writing hand. And I will need surgery but that’s not until later. That being said, typing with one hand gets very tiring fast. And the fact that school’s picking up. So posts will be somewhat sporadic. I hope you guys can understand. Perhaps within a month I’ll be able to post more. Btw, the re-reviews of MY STORY and Best ~second session~ will be put on hold.

This message has been brought to you by Ayu!


4 Responses to “Kaleidoscope”
  1. amaiyume says:

    awww that sucks that you broke your wrist 😦
    But I’m sure it’ll heal before you know it! And yeah, school stuff can be quite annoying and take up a lot of time and it’s gotta come first…but I look forward to any posts that you do in the future! And I hope you’re not feeling too bad with a broken wrist 🙂

  2. glass says:

    oh man! no good music reviews for one month..:-(
    I sure hope you can get well soon!!! have a good rest~!
    hope your wrist can heal fast as lightning!!~%$!$%

  3. Die says:

    well, i’ll review but it’ll be sporadic, maybe twice a week or so, depends on how my right hand is feeling since i’ll be typing with it

  4. blackmager says:

    ; ;
    Good luck getting your wrist healed.
    I swear, all the bloggers around here are getting busy with something.
    And its just when i start getting busy again.

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