Dragonfly was Hitomi Shimatani’s 24th single. It was released on February 21, 2007 and reached number 29 on the charts with 5,532 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 7,787+ copies. This was also the fourth and final single in the PRIMA ROSA Era.

Dragonfly - Hitomi Shimatani

1. Dragonfly
2. Bye-Bye
3. Dragonfly (Instrumental)
4. Bye-Bye (Instrumental)

Straying off from both her pop roots and crossover genre is Dragonfly. It’s actually a rock song that features some great synth lines, but it’s still very rock oriented, but not heavy, more of a light punk rock. Great instrumentals overall with the rock and synth, but still so foreign. The constant drum beats sounded pretty great and the synth made it sound so amazing. Hitomi’s vocals were great as usual, but I was shocked that she could handle a song of this caliber. The melody was catchy and so were the verses to some extent. I still think the chorus was a lot better, I mean better instrumentals, and vocals. Not to mention it’s easy to get it stuck in your heard. And the electric guitar solo during the bridge was amazingly good. Maybe in the future she’ll take on more rock songs.

Venturing even farther is Bye-Bye. It might not be as far fetched as the previous track but it’s pretty different. It’s laid-back to some degree and it’s not all that cheery in my opinion. It’s very funky during some points, but for the most part features a jazz feel, thanks to the brass. The piano beginning threw me off, but it then changed into more of a jazz tune. Her vocals were really great in this song to my surprise. But overall the song wasn’t all that memorable. I think it’s purely B-Side material. It might be good for a few listens, but it’s not going to stick.

Overall Review: Dragonfly was divergence with some new exploration. This has got to be one of Hitomi’s more foreign sounding singles, not another country, but just different from the norm. I did like how she tried something new though, pretty gutsy on her part but it paid off. It just goes to prove that she’s even more talented than people thought. And that she can handle more than pop and classical/crossover. What an odd yet fantastic way to end the PRIMA ROSA Era.

Final Grade: 94A-


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