Guuzen no Kakuritsu

Guuzen no Kakuritsu was GIRL NEXT DOOR’s debut single. it was released on September 3, 2008 and reached number 3 on the charts with 30,025 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 52,323+ copies. This single was released in two editions and first press versions of both editions came with a Special Photobook and a Slip Case. And some background information: GIRL NEXT DOOR is a trio consisting of Chisa (vocals), Suzuki (keyboard, composer, former member of day after tomorrow), and Inoue (guitar). The band is focused mainly on Chisa, and the PV was showed a month and a half before the release of the single.

Guuzen no Kakuritsu - GIRL NEXT DOOR

1. Guuzen no Kakuritsu
2. Breath
3. Red ribbon ~Unmei no Hito~
4. Guuzen no Kakuritsu (Ice Cream Mix)
5. Guuzen no Kakuritsu (Instrumental)
6. Breath (Instrumental)

Kicking off their debut is Guuzen no Kakuritsu lit. Accidental Probability. From the beginning I thought it would be all happy, sweet, even ballad like with the keyboard, but then out of nowhere it transforms into a fusion of pop rock, the guitar and keyboard. But then Chisa begins to sing and the song develops more of a pop sound. Her vocals are pretty good too, especially during the chorus, and the instrumentals are just awesome. The song from there becomes somewhat up-beat, up-tempo, and pretty catchy. The guitar and keyboard make for one great combination, reminds me of the 90’s pop, or even Ayu’s Boys & Girls. The climax was amazing, those keyboards are so awesome. As for the chorus, it was so catchy. I mean once you listen it’s stuck in your head, plus the vocals are great. And one of the best parts has got to be after the bridge, the distorted vocals were genius.

Perhaps a stronger when it comes to the overall sound is Breath. The strings and the piano at the beginning really set the mood for this song. It’s somewhat of a ballad, but still retains that pop sound. Chisa’s vocals are great, and exhibit some power when necessary. While the verses might need some work, they certainly sound wonderful. And the chorus is just phenomenal. I loved how the vocals were distorted a little just before and how powerful and vocals are. Not to mention the fact that the instrumentals are blaring, but in a good way. Pretty high quality stuff.

Up next is Red ribbon ~Unmei no Hito~ lit. People of Destiny. It’s very different from the previous track. It’s faster, and a little more pop sounding, no hint of a ballad. The keyboard serves as a great instrumental, making the song sound pretty light and happy, but the guitar makes it sound a little aggressive. It’s a great contrast. The verses were surprisingly good and the chorus pretty catchy. It had such a nice ring to it, and sounded great. And I have to admit that Chisa’s vocals were pretty good, they went perfectly with the music and melody.

Time for the Ice Cream Mix of the title track, pretty cute title anyway. That being said, this song is changed around from your pop rock track to more of a synth/techno pop song. It features the keyboard as the stronger instrumental, with the guitar still playing. The song has just been changed to have more of a dance/synth feel, which is pretty nice. A great remix that most fans will enjoy.

Overall Review: Guuzen no Kakuritsu was premier pop supremeness! With all the blaring instrumentals and amazing vocals, it’s easy to get lost in these astounding songs. I loved how they featured the keyboard and the guitar, simple yet very effective sound wise. Not to mention the great vocals on Chisa’s part. All of the songs were pretty catchy too, and the fact that there were three songs total was great, very rare from singles nowadays. And the remix was a great bonus, and the fact that it made is more dance appealing was even better. What a superb debut, expect some high quality material from GIRL NEXT DOOR in the future.

Final Grade: 100A+


2 Responses to “Guuzen no Kakuritsu”
  1. solarblade says:

    you know what’s sad? I keep comparing them to “day after tomorrow” even though the keyboardist was in both groups…..quite ironic and pleasing at the same time

  2. Die says:

    that’s probably why lol, they’re a pretty good band lol, so catchy

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