see you…

see you… was melody.’s 7th single. It was released on February 15, 2006 and reached number 19 on the charts and has sold over 13,070+ copies. The title track was produced by m-flo’s Taku. This was the third and final single in the Be as one Era.

see you... - melody.

1. see you…
2. Close Your Eyes
3. see you…(mel funk remix)
4. realize (Sugiurumn house mission mix)

Still on the light-hearted side is see you… Honestly it’s one in many mediocre songs. Don’t get me wrong the song’s nice and all, but that’s about it. I did love the strings in the song, very classical, but she’s done it all before. And the same goes for the acoustic guitar, although I’m not too sure about tambourine. The music wasn’t all that fast but it wasn’t all that slow, but a little more on the up-tempo side. On the bright side there are some great beats occasionally, somewhat R&B. Anyway, it’s no surprise when I say that the lyrics are bilingual, somewhat catchy at that. She did have some display some great vocals in this song though, so it wasn’t all bad. This song does sound better than some of her other songs, but it still lacks that wow factor.

Despite that lackluster title track, we come to a stronger, more refined ballad entitled Close Your Eyes. The solemn piano is the main instrumental, later joined by a few more instrumentals. This time melody.’s vocals are so much better, they definitely fit with the ballad theme. And although it’s not all that exciting, this song just sounds so beautiful. But the chorus does sound so magical and so inspiring. Not to mention that it does include some English, and the strings eventually. What I loved the most was how it got better as the song progressed. It kept building momentum and was magnificent at the end.

More rock oriented, in the beginning at least and annoying, is the (mel funk remix) of see you… This remix basically just makes the title track more annoying. The strings have been eliminated completely and replaced by some light rock instrumentals. Just stick to the original.

Yet another remix comes our way with realize (Sugiurumn house mission mix). The song has been lengthened to over six minutes, and not only that but it’s been transformed into a heavy dance/techo song. And actually it’s not all that bad, it kind of reminds me of her READY TO GO! material, which is very good. So despite me not liking the original version that much, I actually liked this remix, minus the long intro.

Overall Review: see you… was a hidden treasure. And when I say hidden treasure, I mean the B-Side and the second remix. I still think that this was one of melody.’s weakest single, and her weakest era really. But I’m just so used to her new material. That being said, I absolutely loved the ballad featured, and thankfully a version of it will be featured on her album. I actually liked the second remix, much better than the original version. I still really can’t say that I was thrilled by title track, or its remix, but it could have been much worse. Not exactly the most enchanting way to end the Be as one Era.

Final Grade: 86B+



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