PASIO was Hitomi Shimatani’s 23rd single. It was released on November 15, 2006 and reached number 12 on the charts and has sold over 12,078+ copies. This was the third single in the PRIMA ROSA Era.

PASIO - Hitomi Shimatani

2. True Blue
3. Tsuioku LIVE REC from Special Live “crossoverII”
4. PASIO (Instrumental)
5. True Blue (Instrumental)

Far from her crossover themed singles is the Spanish PASIO. I still love all of her crossover singles, but it’s a nice change to hear some of her older material. Anyway, PASIO has that infamous Spanish vibe like some of her previous singles. The Spanish guitar is such an amazing instrumental in this song, along with the other foreign instrumentals. It’s a very up-tempo song and Hitomi’s vocals are fantastic. The song overall is pretty catchy, especially the chorus. Hitomi’s vocals sound so amazing and the instrumentals are fantastic. And the melody is great too. It’s no surprise that this song is so good, I mean she’s done songs like this before. And lastly, the bridge was to die for. The flutes, guitars, and all of the exotic instrumentals made for one great combination.

Whereas PASIO was Spanish sounding, True Blue is a slower paced song. It’s more of a ballad than anything. The instrumentals consist of the piano, organ, strings and church bells. It almost has a gospel/church feeling, must be that organ. The instrumentals for some reason seem to be so sad, yet from the overall perspective, the song sounds rather happy. I liked her vocals in this song, especially the high notes. The only problem I had with it was the fact that it sounded a little bland. It was used as the ending theme song for the final episode of the anime The Law of Ueki.

The final song is a special live version of Tsuioku, which is a cover song. Hitomi exhibits some amazing vocals in this song, which are quite powerful. And not only that the instrumentals are amazing. There were some great strings along with piano, a flawless combination. This live version is amazing, a MUST hear, so listen already.

Overall Review: PASIO was sporadic nostalgia. This single definitely brought back some memories of Hitomi’s older material. That being said, the title track is pretty good. It’s up-beat, fast paced, and enjoyable overall. The B-Side could have been better but it will suffice. I did however love the live version of Tsuioku, it was such an amazing cover. Not a bad single at all, another wonderful addition to the PRIMA ROSA Era.

Final Grade: 95A


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  1. glass says:

    ahaha nothing about the song i just thought her hair looks so pretty and soft~~

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