Sora was Hear Grow’s 4th single. It was released on September 9, 2008. The title track was used as the opening theme song for the anime Tetsuwan Bird DECODE. While the B-Side was used as the Japan Transocean Air 2008 theme song.

Sora - Hears Grow

1. Sora
2. Mirai Sketch
3. Sora (Instrumental)

While I might have skipped their other singles, Sora is well worth it. Like Yura Yura, it’s your basic average rock song. There are some great vocals in this song, and the instrumentals are to die for. And the fact that there were two sets of vocals was great. The guitar riffs were great, nice drum beats, and the bass was amazing. The melody of this song is just so addictive, pretty good in my opinion. But I think that most people will agree that the chorus is the best part. It’s rock oriented and the climax beforehand is amazing. Not to mention that it’s pretty catchy, it’s very easy to get it suck in your head.

Still very rock oriented is Mirai Sketch. And although it begins somewhat softly, it transforms into a rock song. The rock instrumentals are still there, but not as strong as in Sora, which is still pretty good. Again the vocals were great. This up-tempo song is fairly good, not bad for a B-Side. There’s no surprise either when I say that’s it’s catchy too. You really should listen to this song if you like catchy rock.

Overall Review: Sora was light rock perfection! Hearts Grow has done it again with this stunning rock single. While it might not be as catchy as their Yura Yura single, this effervescent single will get you in the mood for summer. It’s pretty fitting for a summer single, too bad it’s not summer anymore though. Either way there’s bound to be something that will appeal to you, so give it a shot.

Final Grade: 100A+


4 Responses to “Sora”
  1. Anolarlo says:

    I have a question… Why don’t I hear much from them now? (hearts grow) did aomethungbhappen tobthe band or so? And I can’t find their muck anyhwhere even their CD or soand iTunes does not have their music aswell..

  2. Die says:

    i’m not sure, even with the naruto theme song they’re not all that popular. i mean most bands achieve success with the popular anime tie-ins but i guess hearts grow didn’t. and as for itunes only really popular artists have their music on itunes for the most part, some japanese artists still don’t probably due to the record labels or itunes

  3. tikitok says:

    Have you heard they broke up!? I was so shocked when I read the news, their music was always so uplifting and happy! I hear the main vocalist (Haruna I think) is going solo – still, nothing beats the band right?!

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