Senkou was Van Tomiko’s 2nd single. It was released on September 27, 2006 and reached number 14 on the charts with 9,949 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 13,860+ copies. The title track was used in CM song as well as mu-mo CM song. This was the second single in the Van. Era.

Senkou - Van Tomiko

1. Senkou
2. Mosaic
3. Senkou (Instrumental)
4. Mosaic (Instrumental)

Getting back to Van’s J-Rock roots is the impressive Senkou lit. Light Flash. Like her previous single Flower, it’s very reminiscent of her DAI material. The rock instrumentals are nostalgic seemingly and so breathtaking, they just sound so incredible. I have to applaud Van in the vocal department. Here at least she showed some variety and some amazing vocals. The song is pretty catchy from beginning to start, even the verses. It must’ve been the melody that was so memorable just down right catchy. I also loved how the piano played sporadically, pretty nice. Made the song epic somehow.

Following in her trend of seemingly rock songs is Mosaic. Compared to the previous track, it’s rather up-beat. Great vocals again, with some great instrumentals. The rock instrumentals in this song though were toned down a bit, keep with the light mood. Either way the song is pretty good. Not exactly hard core rock, but still great. The chorus was light and gentle when compared to the previous track, but it’s also more cheery. Not bad for a B-Side.

Overall Review: Senkou was a nostalgic rock paradise. Everything about this single seemed to echo DAI. From the sensational rock instrumentals, to Van’s signature vocals. I also loved it because again, there was unity present in this single, obvisously it was rock. Both track was really catchy and pretty memorable too. Not only that, but I loved how the title track was sounded epic, on top of all the rock instrumentals. Fans of DAI will most likely love this single, it’s very similar to their material. Another high quality single from Van.

Final Grade: 100A+



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