realize / Take a Chance

realize / Take a Chance was melody.’s 6th single. It was released on August 17, 2005 and reached number 6 on the charts. In all this single has sold over 127,869+ copies, making it be most successful single to date. realize was used as the theme song for the TBS drama Dragon Zakura while Take a Chance was the BIGLOBE Net Spice CM song. This was the second single in the Be as One Era.

realize / Take a Chance - melody.

1. realize
2. Take a Chance
3. Next to You (FREDISCO remix)
4. realize (instrumental)
5. Take a Chance (instrumental)

realize is one of melody.’s lighter songs, even though most are light. Anyway, this lovely little tune is up-beat and somewhat up-tempo. I loved the music, nice acoustics, pop, and maybe some dance. There was some display of vocals in this song, not much variety though. On the bright side though, the song was somewhat catchy. I liked the chorus, it was again bilingual, a nice mixture of Japanese and English. But it wasn’t all that catchy, nice melody though. It’s just very lighthearted, and sadly not so memorable. However, it was still a nice song.

Up next is the more laid-back Take a Chance. It’s more gentle than the previous song, and features the keyboard I believe along with acoustic guitar, drums and some other instrumentals. Here in this song there’s a wider range of vocals, and they’re pretty good. I wasn’t all that fascinated by this song that much. I mean it had a nice chorus and some nice verses but that’s all they were, nice. It was all that impressive.

If you liked Next to You and dance, you’ll probably like Next to You (FREDISCO remix). They’ve basically synthed it up with some dance beats. Her vocals are softer than the music itself so it seems like they’re being overpowered more. I still don’t like this song all that much.

Overall Review: realize / Take a Chance was pure mediocrity. I really loved melody.’s works from all of her newer material, but each time I listen to her old material, I begin to understand why she’s not all that popular. I mean she’s popular, but nowhere near the level of BoA, Hikki, Ayu, or Namie. I still find it hard to believe that this is her best selling single, but that’s the power of tie-ins. I feel that she’s just not being aggressive enough in this few songs from this era. I definitely prefer her synth-uped songs from her later material. Just too mediocre for the Be as One Era.

Final Grade: 85C+

3 Responses to “realize / Take a Chance”
  1. glassmask says:

    omg u update like crazy…i cant even catch up…

    i always found we have very similiar music taste…for some reason~
    so I love to come here and find new songs, since I like all the songs you recommend…

    omg i dont know how much TABOO sold…they didnt update it…I hope it sell well.

    BoA is having a u.s debut! have u listen to her new single yet? eat u up???

  2. Noah says:

    I agree. I didn’t really like melody. before Ready to Go!. I got her compilation album, – Timeline -, and I was very disappointed by her earlier singles. Be as One wasn’t that great an album anyway.
    Great review, anyway.

  3. Die says:

    Thanks! I think TABOO got no. 2 but I hope she got no. 1. I’ve heard part of BoA’s new single, and i honestly don’t think it’s all that great.

    I agree with you there, I like all of her READY TO GO! and later material

    but i did like one song before that, but it’s in all English, and I will review it soon.

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