Destiny -Taiyou no Hana- / Koimizu -tears of love-

Destiny -Taiyou no Hana- / Koimizu -tears of love- was Hitomi Shimatani’s 22nd single. It was released on June 21, 2006 and reached number 14 on the charts. In all this single has sold over 26,858+ copies. This was her first single to be released in both CD and CD+DVD editions. Destiny -Taiyou no Hana was used as the opening theme song for the anime Black Jack 21, while Koimizu -tears of love- was used as the theme song for the drama Wednesday Mystery. This was the second single in the PRIMA ROSA Era.

Destiny -Taiyou no Hana- / Koimizu -tears of love- - Hitomi Shimatani

1. Destiny -Taiyou no Hana-
2. Koimizu -tears of love-
3. Destiny -Taiyou no Hana- (Black Jack 21 Mix)
4. Destiny -Taiyou no Hana- (Instrumental)
5. Koimizu -tears of love- (Instrumental)

I was somewhat scared off by the seemingly scary strings of Destiny -Taiyou no Hana-. They actually remind me of a Beetles’ song. But after that things get more interesting. Hitomi’s vocals are a little distorted I think, more like echoed, either way with the strings it sounds so fantastic. I really loved the strings in this song, they were so classical, and I’m pretty sure there were some other instrumentals present, like a church bell. It reminded me a little of Shinku. I did find this song overall rather catchy. The melody was actually infectious to say the least. The vocals were excellent as usual and I loved the instrumentals, a fusion between dance beats and strings. One of her finer songs for sure.

More gentle and southing is Koimizu -tears of love-. This song is somewhat of an opposite to the previous track. Instead of being fast paced, it’s mid-tempo, instead of aggressive, it’s laid back. One thing they have in common though are the use of strings, which works out quite nicely. Hitomi’s vocals were so impressive here. Well maybe not so impressive as the fact that they were perfect for this song. Compared to some other ballads though it’s very awing. I think that while the strings might not be as powerful in this song, they were certainly more gorgeous and lovely in the ballad sense. I also didn’t mind the acoustics during this song, quite magnificent.

The Black Jack 21 Mix of Destiny – Taiyou no Hana- is just the TV size. it’s played during the opening credits of the anime. And like most TV sizes, you get all the good stuff, without all the bad. Nothing much to say after that I guess.

Overall Review: Destiny -Taiyou no Hana- / Koimizu -tears of love- was classical eloquence. I loved how this single incorporated the strings, gave the single a unifying theme. But despite that I loved how each song was so different, from dance & classical to ballad & classical. Not to mention the fact that each was amazing in its own way and that they just sound great, still very Crossover though. And a random fact, the little girl above is voiced by Hikki in the online version apparently.

Final Grade: 100A+


5 Responses to “Destiny -Taiyou no Hana- / Koimizu -tears of love-”
  1. blackmager says:

    I loved this single at first.
    Then after I got “strings crazy”, I fell in love with the single even more.

  2. Noah says:

    Shinku and Destiny – Taiyou no Hana – have got to be her best singles. Koimizu – Tears of Love – wasn’t bad, but Shimatani Hitomi isn’t very good at ballads.
    Nonetheless, the best single of the Prima Rosa era, by a long shot.

  3. Die says:

    i had a feeling you would like this single lol

    and i’m still deciding what’s her best single in this era, I liked her last single, Haru Machibito / Camellia. I still have to review the other singles before I make up my mind. But PRIMA ROSA looks like it’ll be a great album.

  4. Lex says:

    I love Destiny -Taiyou no Hana-.It’s probably the best of her “crossover” styled songs.

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