TABOO was Koda Kumi’s 41st single. It was released on October 8, 2008 and reached number 1 on the charts with 66,569 copies sold, making it her 5th no. 1 single. This single has sold over 83,298+ copies. The single was released in a total of three versions: a CD+DVD edition, a CD edition, and finally a Playroom Edition, which features a different cover and only the title track and its instrumental. The first press edition if brought from HMV or Tower Records, a post card was given. The title track was used as the theme song for Women’s Wrestling Championships 2008, Music Japan CM, and the Nintendo DS game “Saihai no Yukue.” Oddly enough, the title track is actually know more for its PV, which features some rather racy scenes. This was her second single in her new era.

TABOO - Koda Kumi

2. Always
3. TABOO -HOUSE NATION Sunset In Ibiza Remix-
4. TABOO -Instrumental-
5. Always -Instrumental-

Honestly the best word to describe TABOO is SEXY! But really, it’s an synth/techno dance tune that’s the hottest tune since…ever really. You could call it a follow up to BUT, considering the genre and the PVs, both of which featured some racy scenes. But even though BUT was a dance song, I think that this is Kuu’s first venture into true dance territory especially with techno and synth. The overall is infectious along with just plain addictive. The beats are invigorating and the music is exhilerating. The verses are surprisingly catchy and feature a great amount of English. But what I loved the most was the chorus. It’s so infectious and actually somewhat of a drug, you can’t just listen just once. Anyway it still features those amazing beats, great vocals, and English lyrics. Kuu’s vocals were amazing and I loved how they were distorted. The bridge in this song was just amazing too, awesome distortions and vocals! This has got to be THE best dance song in ages.

A little lighter is the B-Side Always. It actually reminds me a little of anytime in it’s mid-tempo feel and then the up-beat nature of it. Kuu’s vocals are a little deeper here, not too much though, but it’s a nice change. The opening was all happy with some synth elements, the acoustic guitar, and some odd twinkling sound. I liked the clapping, gave the song a rather soft feel. The verses were pretty sweet, so cheery and happy. The chorus was surprisingly good, it managed to sound catchy somehow. It was so gentle overall, and the synth elements were amazing, not too heavy or overwhelming. I was actually shocked at how good it was. I originally thought it’d be just so-so, it’s not half bad, I think it’s better than anytime, it’s somewhat A-Side material.

The one thing I couldn’t stand about TABOO was the fact that it was so short, but with TABOO -HOUSE NATION Sunset In Ibiza Remix- you get an extended version. Not only is it extended, but it’s changed radically. There are more distortions and the use of an acoustic guitar present, not only that the synth elements are more powerful in this version. I personally think that it’s an ok remix, nothing really sparks my interest. But still it could have been worse.

Overall Review: TABOO was sultry dance perfection! This single could very well be the greatest thing since sliced bread. I loved how it was a full fledged dance song, somewhat of a continuation of BUT or maybe even No Regret. The use of distortions and those infectious beats were just exhilarating and so awesome. I especially enjoyed the B-Side of this single. Despite it not being dance, it still incorporated some synth elements making it better than imagined. The remix could’ve been better, but overall it was a synth paradise.

Final Grade: 97A


5 Responses to “TABOO”
  1. fullmoon says:

    god always reminds me of anytime,too!

    i thought its better to have 2 dance tracks, since the concept is all about sexy..always seems to be an extra..but i liked it alot..

    i love the MV so much..Kuu is just too sexy..

  2. amaiyume says:

    I agree!!!!
    TABOO is sooo much like a drug…wayyy too addictive 🙂

  3. Jinhwa says:

    I think the final grade should be 100A+ for TABOO.

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  1. […] TABOO basically follows where the intro left off. This sultry sensation was released as the second single and is by far the best. It’s a rhythmic dance song that features heavy techno beats and distortions. But besides all of that, it also features an insane melody that’s the most infectious things she’s released to date. The vocals were great as usual, and they sounded so sexy. And the live performances were just incredible, and she looked good in all of them. […]

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