Atarashii Hibi / Ougon no Tsuki

Atarashii Hibi / Ougon no Tsuki was Every Little Thing’s 35th single. It was released on August 27, 2008 and reached number 10 on the charts with 21,675 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 30,754+ copies. The first title track, Atarashii Hibi, was used as the theme song for the drama Shibatora. This was the first single in there new Era.

Atarashii Hibi / Ougon no Tsuki - Every Little Thing

1. Atarashii Hibi
2. Ougon no Tsuki
3. Atarashii Hibi (Instrumental)
4. Ougon no Tsuki (Instrumental)

Keeping with their mild rock roots is Atarashii Hibi lit. New Days. The drum roll in the beginning was rather short, but it worked in the end. After that the strings are present followed by the piano and drums. It’s a rather unique combination, but still good otherwise. The music was pretty up-tempo, not too fast though. The verses might not have been all that exciting but they were nice nonetheless. I actually enjoyed the chorus more, it sounded more up-beat and more happy for sure, and the vocals seemed to be better too. I’m a sucker for the strings and they were just awesome, and the guitar solo as the bridge is to die for.

I don’t want to say that Ougon no Tsuki lit. Gold Moon is quite the opposite of the previous song but it just sounds different. Now that being said, they do feature some of the same instruments but this song is stronger and has more of a wow factor. It begins very strongly with the guitar then church bells and some background vocals followed by some excellent strings. One thing I noticed was how much better Mochida’s vocals were, they were a lot stronger. I was also surprised just how amazing the verses were, they kept building up in momentum, just getting better with each second. And than the chorus begins and it’s so catchy, despite it being a little slow. The guitar definitely sounded better in this song than the previous along with the strings and I guess there was a xylophone present in this song too. This song is by far better and much better for a summer tune.

Overall Review: Atarashii Hibi / Ougon no Tsuki was rock & strings perfection. Honestly, the two songs were somewhat like twins, they basically featured the same instruments but were so different in the arrangement and the feel. I think that one is by far better than the other in terms of arrangement, vocals, and just like-ability. But I did like how they sounded somewhat similar, the instrumentals were great. But I do miss their other songs like Sakurabito. Still not a bad way to begin their new Era.

Final Grade: 92B



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