Next to You

Next to You was melody.’s 5th single. It was released on January 12, 2005 and reached number 14 on the charts and has sold more than 21,876+ copies. The title track was used in an Arupen CM. This was the first single in the Be as one Era.

Next to You - melody.

1. Next to You
2. Summer Memory
3. So into You (only one remix)
4. Next to You (Instrumental)

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Next to You, but it was actually good. The beginning made me a bit skeptical to listen to it, but I was glad I listened further. The piano sounds nice and everything, but it sounds more like a nursery rhyme, but suddenly it bursts into an up-beat fun dance-like tune! melody.’s vocals were amazing as usual and I loved her bilingual verses and choruses. The drum beats sounded great, even though they were rather light. The chorus here was pretty good. Her vocals were amazing during it, and it was pretty catchy. That being said, I still thought the song was a little mediocre, it could use a little work to it.

Summer Memory is more of a light ballad. It’s sweeter and more beautiful than the title track. It’s more of a mid-tempo ballad that features the lovely piano and some slow beats. And it actually makes it more memorable. I must admit that I loved melody.’s vocals, especially when she hit those high notes. The acoustic guitar was an excellent instrument too, made the song more acoustic and more light-hearted. The chorus’s lyrics were so beautiful and romantic really. And no surprise it was bilingual.

The final song is So into You (only one remix). The original was featured on her Believe me single, more specifically the Japanese version. It’s a nice remix, pretty fast I guess, well not all that fast but faster than the previous songs. The lyrics were mostly Japanese with some occasional English as usual, and it was amazing. I guess you could say the music is pop, but it seems to feature some synth I guess, not heavily though. The chorus was very catchy too, it’s actually easy to get it stuck in your head, and it’s not so bad. I didn’t think it’d be all that good, but it was. I guess I’ll have to review Believe me, both versions now.

Overall Review: Next to You was honestly quite mediocre. I mean I liked it and all, but it didn’t blow me away like her other singles. It was all rather dull, and bland. I think that I actually liked the remix more, but maybe I’m more used to her later material like READY TO GO! and Lei Aloha. If the song was tweaked a little more I think it would’ve been more enjoyable. One thing I noticed is that this single began a new era and a new style of covers. It seems like each single features a different style for each album. Like how READY TO GO! featured rather new and flashy covers. These covers are more color oriented and more dirty looking, that’s the only word I can think of even though they’re not really dirty. Still not a bad way to begin the Be as One Era.

Final Grade: 93B+



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