I Wanna Be FREE (New Options)

For some reason I’ve found myself loving Ami Suzuki more than ever, and to celebrate it I wanted to make a new banner. Well I should say that I was actually feeling very inspired by the FREE FREE / SUPER MUSIC MAKER scans and that’s why I made it, either way I love Ami Suzuki! But the thing is, I have two banners. Each one is the same basically, but one is neon, the other is normal. So which one do you like the best? Feel free to comment, it’ll be here for a while and depending on which one you like, it’ll be chosen for a while. So vote, or you might have to endure a not so cool banner. And I’m hoping to later review more Ami Suzuki if I can find some more singles besides Delightful. So here are the options below, vote vote vote!

EDIT: After hearing the responses it seems like the neon banner is out, so now I have two more choices. So vote again, and pick which one you want to be viewed, the first one is currently being used as the main banner.

7 Responses to “I Wanna Be FREE (New Options)”
  1. noahfurlani says:

    the first one’s better, but I’d change the color for your font, it sticks out too much and monopolizes the image whereas you might want to give more importance to ami and the great lights in the back.

  2. noahfurlani says:

    you’re changing your banners an awful lot recently….

  3. sushibabyx says:


  4. Die says:

    yes i have no idea why, sometimes i just feel creative

    but i can change the font and even color

    same goes with the neon, so if you want a different color, i’ll see what i can do.

  5. amaiyume says:

    I like the first one better as well! I think you should go with that one 🙂

  6. Ringo says:

    I like the first one aswell because of the colors… The second one looks a little too photoshop filtered for me =\

  7. fullmoon says:

    first one! but change font color..

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